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**Update May 2017**:  Catch the latest Free Money article: [[free_money_2018|Free Money 2018]] **Update May 2017**:  Catch the latest Free Money article: [[free_money_2018|Free Money 2018]]
 +**News August 2018**
 +While the Basic Income has gained followers among the tech elite in Silicon Valley there are others who point to failed experimepr
 +Recently a pilot program was attempted in Ontario, Canada. The results do not bode well for the future. Several thousand low income singles and couples received $13,000 and $17,000 respectively. They all had jobs, and they gave half of each dollar they earned to the government. They were also no longer eligible from some previously used social services. The program was recently discontinued by a new administration. It’s not clear whether the program was considered a failure or if the new ruling party didn’t think the $15 million spent on the program was productive. At any rate it’s clear that politics will always play a part in government activity of any kind.
**Update April 2017** **Update April 2017**
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