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=====Free Money Book: A Review===== =====Free Money Book: A Review=====
 +**Update June 2019**
 +Still tempted to buy this guy's book? You are almost sure to be disapointed, based on the fact that Trudeau has a history of misleading and outright lying to his customers and prospective customers. He remains in prison not only for his misleading books but also for his defunct Pool compeition for which he was unable to come up with funds to pay off the winners of a promised cash prize. Youname the area, Trudeau has found a way to get the better of those who send him cash. Don't take our word for it -- check him out on Wikipedia and see what you think. And read the rest of this article to see what little is worthwhile reading in his book and the advantages of using an informative and upt to date web site like the one you are on.
**Update May 2018** **Update May 2018**
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