Free Money Newsletter March 2013

March 2013: Can It Be?

We're already in the final month of the first quarter of what still feels like a New Year. How are you doing on those New Year's resolutions? If one of those resolutions is getting your taxes done on time for once – or even getting them done at all – we can point you to some help. Much of it is available free (our specialty!).

We give a quick review and a link in our March Free Money Highlights, plus more:

* Is anyone else tired of the term Sequestration? And what does it mean to you anyway? You may be particularly concerned if you are a college student. We offer reassuring news – and some exciting news as well. A new website is offering $500 monthly scholarship drawings for students 18 or older to spend as they see fit toward their education. It's easy to enter and win!

  • We've had many queries about America's Got Funding. Learn more in our article reviewing this website.
  • If you want to win a Foundation Grant – or win more of them – we remind you about a great system to help you do both fast. Just reading our review of this system can teach you a lot in a short period of time!
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March 2013 Free Money Highlights

Get Help With Your Taxes

April 15 always comes faster than you expect so now is the time to tackle your taxes head on. The job is never fun even if you are looking forward to a refund. But don't take a chance with a missed deadline or worse, not even filing. Even if you don't know what to do and can't afford a cpa or tax software, you can get some free help. We give you details in our article on Free Tax Help. You might even be eligible for some credits you didn't know about. Take a look now.

Sequestration And Student Aid

The administration continues to promote doom and gloom while the president will not lead and our policians can't get out of their own way. But you have little to worry about if you are a college student. Federal money for Financial Aid is “forward funded”: it gets appropriated the year before it is awarded. There is no reason awards for the 2013-2014 year should be affected. So keep calm and carry on — and read our next story about a new scholarship site you have to see:

Free Scholarship Drawings Monthly

If you want a clear, honest website with free information about finding and winning Scholarships, we have a new find for you. The folks at are offering just that, with a special bonus. Each month they have a drawing and give a $500 scholarship to an eligible winner. No essay or minimum gpa is required, and you can spend the money however you need to toward your education. Your odds of winning are best right now before they get discovered, so go sign up to win!

What's Up With America's Got Funding?

When we see lots of questions and complaints about a website we know it's time to do some investigating. Our look into America's Got Funding did not turn up much encouraging news. Before you can see any of their valuable information and assistance you must pay a fee – a definite red flag in our book. We tell our readers repeatedly that you should never have to pay to apply for or win a grant or other financial aid. Before you give these folks personal or financial information read what the Better Business Bureau and others have to say in our article about the America's Got Funding website.

Winning Foundation Grants

A clear and affordable system can dramatically improve your ability to find and win Foundation Grants. Five Days to Foundation Grants will show you how to do this in just one week. The author bases her advice on years of experience both competing for and awarding grants and her insider tips are invaluable. The material is available for instant download and includes a number of worthwhile bonuses. If you have very little budget and even less time, this could be the system for you. Check out our review at Write Foundation Grants Fast.

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