March 2018 Free Money News

Happy March! True to form March is indeed roaring like a lion, with major storms across the country. Keep warm, stay safe and enjoy some great tips in this month’s Free Money News…

We begin the month with the 90th annual Academy Awards on Sunday March 4. Again hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, it promises to be not only glitzy but also fraught with some tension. Especially after the grammy’s meager representation of women, some are on the warpath for a better showing for the Oscars. Additional controversy swirls around the Best Picture nominees with critics taking shots at Three Billboards , Call Me By Your Name and The Shape of Water to name just a few. Let’s just hope the focus stays on films and their artistry rather than on political issues….and that deserving women win some awards.

March 17 is St.Patricks Day, when everyone’s Irish and has a reason to party. Or you may be too busy working on your basketball brackets: time again for March Madness! Selection Sunday is March 11 … Mthat's also when we “Spring Ahead” — Daylight Savings Time begins! Enjoy the extra hour of sleep and sunnier spring days ahead… And remember, taxes are due soon… Check out some important tips in this month’s Highlights:

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March Free Money Highlights

Grants For Addicts

Our most recent article is all about grants and programs for addicts working to overcome addictions of all kinds. Unfortunately addiction is an increasing problem in the United States and elsewhere. Help for Addiction is full of information and tips about finding free programs and how to afford others that may not be free. Included are both government funded and private programs, how to keep your search anonymous and confidential and more.

Money For Business

Have you heard about the “gig economy - and wondered how you could be a part of it?” Our latest update to Small Business Ideas has some great tips for businesses you can start as a sole proprietor. That means you are the owner and only employee. These opportunities don’t cost a lot and can allow you both to pursue a personal interest and make money working for yourself.

Wondering how to get the cash you need to start that new business? Don’t ignore the benefits of going with a microlender They provide small loans as well as counseling, are less expensive and difficult than a bank, and are growing in popularity. Discover more in our recent update to Microfinancing Opportunities.

There are also some exciting and important grants and award programs available now for small businesses. FedEx puts on an annual awards program with some big money prizes. The 2018 competition is going now and you still have time to enter. Check it out in Grants for Small Business. And if you already have a small business running be sure to see our latest update about the Future Founders Pitch program and important deadlines — even if you don’t enter reading about previous winners will teach you a lot. Get the details in the Small Business Grants section of Grants for Business!

Money For School

Are you tired of searching for scholarships and seeing way too many that really don’t apply to you? Check out an app that is constantly updated (like, about changing deadlines…) and that only shows you scholarships that truly match your profile. See more about it (not free but really cheap) in our February 2018 update to Scholarship Information. Oh - they also provide some coaching.

Did you know that the Common Grant Application can now be used to find and apply for scholarships as well as grants. Discover more in our updated article about the Common Grant Application.

Important to remember about the FAFSA: It’s not just for undergrads but for graduate students as well. It’s important to file it every year — and to do so as early as possible. We explain more in our updated FAFSA article. Also see some important information about finding deadlines that apply to you — it can be confusing. Find a great tip to overcome that in

Don’t forget about scholarships! They are true “free money.” And they don’t all require essays. Check out one that is fun and creative — and has a deadline approaching. Discover more in Scholarship Contests.

Grants for Housing

Looking to buy your first house but need some help qualifying and affording up front parents? Look for “Hope Inside” offices near you — maybe even inside your bank or grocery store. They can help you with pre-purchase counseling and assistance increasing your credit score. See our recent update to Grants for First Time Homebuyers.

Grants for Personal Needs

Tax time is upon us! It’s really important to act early to get Free Tax Help. A new program has recently launched and you’ll want to take advantage of it. Get some great information about finding help in Free Tax Help. Also get information about a useful new tax-related FAQ feature in Top Ten Things to Know About Grants.

Wondering how to use to find grants you can win as an individual? It’s not impossible — and you don’t always have to be a super scientist to win one.Check ut our latest update to

Are you involved with a nonprofit or group that works with kids? If all or part of your program has to do with baseball and/or softball, there’s an opportunity you should know more about! We highlight it in our latest update to Grants for Nonprofits. Funds are awarded quarterly so you haven’t missed a deadline…

Veterans: are you looking for a job? Discover more about a new Department of Labor program that could help you find companies dedicated to supporting and hiring veterans. See our recent update to Grants for Veterans.

Women: don’t get taken in by teaser ads that highlight grants moneys close to $6000. They are almost always about Pell Grants for school and you don’t need anyone’s help to apply. Find out more in Grants for Women.

Have you ever checked your state’s website for state grants available? We have several articles about grants in specific states. We’ve recently updated Grants in Illinois to highlight new grants available for those wishing to pull together “public dialogues” on current topics. Grants in Texas shows you how to get a daily updated list about current grant opportunities in the state of Texas. And we highlight current news in Find Unclaimed Money in California. There’s so much of it! And on the topic of unclaimed money — catch the latest in our updated review of (and caution about)

Finally, if you are a widow with children, don’t forget about scholarships if your kids are school-aged. There are some that are just for students who have lost a parent. Find out more about that and other resources for you in this updated article about resources for widows with kids.

Happy March and soon, Happy Spring! Remember to set those clock back…

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