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===== Pros and Cons of Block Grants ===== ===== Pros and Cons of Block Grants =====
 +**Increased Child and Family Support for 2018**
 +A couple of major examples of block grants include two related to supporting families with children. Happily for 2018 Congress approved including in the budget bill extended funding for both those programs. The MIECHV, or eternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting program is now funded for another five years. So funds will be provided to states to provide critical support for visiting programs to help at-risk families. Also CCDBG, the Child Care and Development Block Grant program was awarded almost $6 billion for a period of two years. This amount dramatically increases funds available to the states and in turn to local agencies which help families with child care.
**Update August 2017** **Update August 2017**
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