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=====Crowdfunding Your Business And More==== =====Crowdfunding Your Business And More====
 +**Attention Students - June 2019**
 +Crowdfunding has been used for more and more different topics and recently has been used by students to raise more than $70 million dollars in a year for over 100,000 student campaigns. The platform of choice for such campaigns appears to be gofundme.  Check it out and get creative about your campaign — remember that you want to attract support from more than just you friends and family. Be sure to include a video so people feel they know you better. Set a realistic goal. Share your passions and what it will mean to you to be able to pay off your debt and pursue your dream. Maybe promise to do a certain amount of charity work once your loan is paid off  or provide a specific incentive for people to support you. Create a new post every week or more frequently so people feel engaged. Sure it will take some effort but this could be the answer to your dream of being debt - free!
**Attention Researchers - December 2018** **Attention Researchers - December 2018**
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