is an official U.S. Government authority site. It advises U.S. citizens of the benefits that they are qualified to get from the government. Details include things like instructions regarding submitting applications for aid.

Like, this site gathers data from Federal, State, and Local government agencies. To fight lies and scams on the internet, tries to provide the most accurate and up-to-date listings for government benefits.

The bottom line: be honest with your motives. Do what you love and use this website as a tool to get there. If you think you can use this site just to get paid, you'll be disappointed with the results. And you'll probably be taking benefits from other individuals in need. Honestly take the questionaire and see if any benefits apply to you! lists thousands of opportunites for citizens. But it's important to know that none of these opportunities are grants. Grants are awards of financial assistance to individuals or organizations for a government authorized purpose.

While these benefits seem likewise authorized for a purpose, you are not contracted to do specific work for the government. For more information on grants that you or your business may be eligible for, visit But first, take the time to fill out the questionnaire completely – you may be surprised by the results!

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What benefits can I get?

A wide variety of benefits are available from Career Development Assistance to Healthcare and Tax Assistance. Benefits are ordered in various ways: by state, by category, and by federal agency.

For example, when I filled out the questionaire, my results were a kind of oddball mix. Among the results were American Jazz Masters Fellowships, State Fire Training Systems Grants, and Outreach and Assistance for Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers. Some of these opportunities are promising but most sound weird. It benefits you to be highly specific in the questionaire. If you're looking for “free money”, narrow it down to a specific cause. If you're looking for a job or training, be specific about your interests. Are you good with computers? Do you like working outdoors?

Background and current activity: started in 2002 when an observant government administrator realized there was no one place the public could go to in order to determine what government benefits they were eligible for. More recently the site was upgraded in order to be mobile-friendly — resulting in a 60% increase in mobile traffic in just six months. Now (2016) includes 17 government agencies and allows individuals to get information about over 1200 government programs offering benefits and assistance. Not only can you see what programs you qualify for, you can also sign up for their newsletter providing the latest on events and news about existing and new or modified programs.

Specific Focus

According to the monthly newsletter, a special loan can be used by those with VA loans to reduce their mortgage loan interest rate. It’s called the Veterans Administration Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL). You could qualify if you’re a veteran, are on active duty, are currently in the Reserve or National Guard, or possibly if you’re a surviving spouse. Learn more about this and other monthly news on

Are you looking for a job? You're not alone! In July 2015 the U.S. labor Department reported an increase of 215,000 new jobs and an unemployment rate that unfortunately stayed the same at (5.3%). While new jobs sound great, the fact that the unemployment rate didn’t drop means that lots of people are still left out of the workforce. If you’re one of them, could help you find a new job. On the opening page take a look at the changing graphic in the upper right. One of them will ask if you’ve lost your job and suggest you visit “Career OneStop Worker Re-Employment.” Click that and you’ll go to a site that’s managed by the Department of Labor. The page is well organized and makes it easy to get job information. That info might be about getting Unemployment Benefits, finding help if your benefits have run out, and extensive help seeking a new job.

After some digging through the site we also found useful guides with specific focus on Families, Seniors, and Students. To find these guides, navigate to the Advocates section and click “Community Advocates”. You'll see the fact sheets listed on the left-hand side. As a starting point, this can be a great place to idenfity the benefits you are most likely able to receive. As examples, families may benefit from the Head Start Program for children which promotes school readiness or the Hope for Homeowners program that provides new 30-year fixed rate mortgages. Likewise, seniors may find information on Medicare and the Senior Community Service Employment Program. Finally, students can expect to find information about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Student Temporary Employment Program. Whatever your situation in life, likely has specific benefits for you.

The Process

Because there are so many government benefits, a long questionnaire is required to narrow results. This questionnaire is rather specific about employment, family, and living situation. Remember this website isn't a slot machine but is still worth your time and energy. You can't just answer a questionnaire and receive money. Once you use the questionnaire, and a list of possibly relevant opportunites are shown, you'll still need to fill out an application and meet specific eligibility requirements. The government will not give out “free money” to anyone for anything. Again, this is just an aggregation site. You can't apply directly to When you visit the listing for a particular opportunity, it will likely take you to the sponsoring government agency. For other ideas on how to get some money quickly, see Grants to Pay Bills.

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