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=====How To Find Unclaimed Money===== =====How To Find Unclaimed Money=====
 +**May 2018 Update**
 + Do you own mutual funds? Apparently you may be more in danger of those funds getting turned over to your state than you or with other accounts. This is most likely because after a certain time period of no activity funds must be turned over to states, and you may not think to contact your mutual fund on a regular basis. It’s a good idea though, even if you’re just checking on a balance and not necessarily requesting a withdrawal. And you don’t have to make a phone call. It should count as contact if you log in online to make your request or review a balance. Also be sure the fund has your accurate address as accounts must be turned over if a letter or notice is returned with no forwarding address.
**Update March 2017** **Update March 2017**
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