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=====How To Find Unclaimed Money===== =====How To Find Unclaimed Money=====
 +**January 2019**
 +You’ve heard a lot about phone call scams and we hope you have read our review of them and how to handle them — and what to do about it.I f not please check out [[phone_call_scams|Free Money Phone Call Scams]] now! Now you have to worry about fake letters too, this time about “unclaimed money” that belongs to you. The sneaky part is that the scammers send a letter on FAKE letter head of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.  These letters are totally bogus and you should NEVER send them any money in order to get your alleged unclaimed property. Also beware if you get a similar message over the phone. You can easily do your own searches for unclaimed money in your name — and it’s totally free. Use the strategies and tactics in this article and get your own (free) search going!
**May 2018 Update** **May 2018 Update**
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