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=====How To Find Unclaimed Money===== =====How To Find Unclaimed Money=====
 +**Alert August 2019**
 +How’s this for a mind-boggling story about finding a whopping amount of unclaimed money?  Recently some lawyers were trying to help the state of Kansas to find a way to get the cash due on U.S. savings bonds that had never been redeemed. They had been purchased by three sisters during World War II. All three had died, but no one had ever claimed or redeemed the bonds. To the lawyers’ and the state’s surprise, though the sisters had passed way with little if any money to their names — but the bonds had become worth $670,000! Now the state and the federal government are battling each other for the funds. It’s a good lesson to show that you should always check to see if any relative who has passed away might have a safe deposit box. And don’t ignore Savings Bonds. They didn’t pay much interest so were considered a patriotic but boring investment. However, it’s clear that over the years that can be a misconception!
**January 2019** **January 2019**
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