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=====Find Your Unclaimed Cash In California==== =====Find Your Unclaimed Cash In California====
 +**January 2019 News**
 +California has recently added $770 million (yes, million) to its trove of unclaimed property which is now more than nine billion dollars! It’s easy to search for any of that property (often cash…) to see if any of it is yours! But there are people who will try to convince you that you should pay them to help with your search (for a cut of any finds, of course) and others who will try to make you think you can’t do it alone. You can, and not just through any one particular site, though there are some that are better than others. And it’s important to have  a strategy and a plan when you start looking , to be sure that you cover all the basis. And don’t just look once!
**Update February 2018** **Update February 2018**
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