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=====Find Your Unclaimed Cash In California==== =====Find Your Unclaimed Cash In California====
 +**News July 2019**
 +While California is holding billions of dollars in money owned by residents of the state, and they claim that they are eager to return it to its rightful owners, it’s hard to believe it isn’t more than a little bit tempting to hang on to a lot of those funds to keep earning money from the huge amount of interest they are making on that money — and keeping it for themselves (legally). But be warned that though they provide search sites and instructions it will not necessarily be easy to jump through all the necessary hoops required to claim your funds. When the Orange County Register published an article about unclaimed property in California they received lots of feedback from people frustrated by the complexity of trying to get their money back. So be aware that you may have to do quite a bit of legwork to reclaim your funds and that you MUST beware of scams — never pay a fee to anyone who claims they’ll get your money for you!
**January 2019 News** **January 2019 News**
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