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=====Free Tax Help Services===== =====Free Tax Help Services=====
 +Free tax help services are a big benefit to many tax filers. And programs like TurboTax have also become standard for many users. That’s all well and good but it’s also good to keep in mind that very little in life is really “free”.  In this case, the tax preparer providing users with support are also getting a look at all of your tax data. And in whatever you sign to sign up for their service, there is fine print that indicates for how many years they can use specific years’ returns. For instance Credit Karma, a personal financial portal, lets users know that they will be able to use their financial data until 2025. Data is used to identify candidates for things like loans and credit cards and the firm earns referral fees from other providers. Nothing wrong with that, just important to be aware of what data you are allowing others to see and use.
**Update February 2018** **Update February 2018**
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