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**New Strategies to Beat the Competition and Buy That New Home** **New Strategies to Beat the Competition and Buy That New Home**
 +**News October 2019**
 +There is great news here, especially if a condo would suit your needs. Financial requirements have been significantly relaxed, making it easier for new buyers to qualify for an FHA loan. Once you have that, and your loan is guaranteed by the government, you can qualify for a down payment of just 3.5%. The FHA insured more than a million home loans in 2018, 16,000 of them condos. With the modified rules now available, they expect to increase that number by about 60,000 new loans for condos. Make one of them yours! Act now before things change… You can find out more in our latest update to Government Grants to Purchase a Home.
**Update April 2019** **Update April 2019**
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