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=====Help For Single Moms===== =====Help For Single Moms=====
 +**News November 2018**
 +Would you believe there is a grant called the “Kickass Single Mom Grant”  from “Wealthy Single Mommy”? Apparently it’s real… and there’s a real woman who gives out $1000 each month in here Kickass Single Mom Great. It’s obviously for single moms, but particularly for those who are working to make things better for herself and her family — and also for the world. If this sounds like you, you can discover more at wealthysinglemommy. As an additional note, be aware that when you are looking for a grant of any kind you are apt to find an ad - that doesn’t necessarily look like an ad — on every page. You go to. These are most often ads from lending platforms that don’t have grants but that want to make you a loan. There’s nothing wrong with this, just be aware that that is what you are looking at. Learn more about these and other kinds of loans in our review of all the new [[personal_loans|Personal Loans]].
**Update May 2018** **Update May 2018**
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