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=====Teacher Grants You Can Win===== =====Teacher Grants You Can Win=====
 +**News June 2019**
 +Teachers, if you’re looking for grants we hope you are aware of donorschoose.org. This is a nonprofit organization started by a history teacher who needed more books and supplies for his classroom. He figured others might want to help if they knew where the money was going.
 +He created a website that allowed teachers to post what they needed and donors could decide which ones they wanted to support. The organization has grown to be open to every public school in the country! All classroom requests are thoroughly vetted, they make the purchases to ensure best prices and ship the materials to the verified schools. Donors receive a thank-you letter from the classroom teacher and often notes from students as well! They also receive a report showing how each dollar was spent.
**For Teacher Scholars** **For Teacher Scholars**
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