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=====Grants & Opportunities===== =====Grants & Opportunities=====
-**News July 2019**+**Update (Nov.12) 2019** 
 +In November of 2015 Starbucks made two important announcements regarding veterans. The first was a terrific tuition program for veterans and their spouses and even their children. They also announced a goal to hire10,000 military vets and/or spouses  - and that goal was upped to 25,000. This year, on Veterans Day, they have announced that their goal has been met, and they now plan to hire five thousand vets and spouses every year. Kevin Johnson, Starbucks CEO, says that these folks “make them a better company.” So if you’re looking for a job with lots of perks, and you could use some help paying for college tuition for yourself or your kids, you might want to check out what positions are available on Starbucks the next time you stop by…
**January 2019** **January 2019**
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