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=====Florida Grants===== =====Florida Grants=====
 +**Update August 2019**
 +If you or your organization is involved in the arts in Florida — which includes museums, visual arts, photography, media arts, architecture, sculpture, painting, crafts, creative writing, dance, music, literature you should check out the Florida Departmnet of State’s website and in particular the section on Grants.  Considerable funds are available for the 2020-2021 year, with applications to be submitted by June 1 of the year. There is a specific DOS (Department of tate) Grants System which must be used to participate. Eligible candidates include only a local government agency of Florida, a particular entity of Florida’s sate government, a school discrict or community college or university and nonprofit organizations (private schools and others) that meet the IRS formal requirements for nonprofit status.
**New Announcement March 2019** **New Announcement March 2019**
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