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=====New Mexico Grants===== =====New Mexico Grants=====
 +**Update May 2019: Grant Deadline May 20:**
 +The U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs has announced a new Homeless Providers Grant and Per Diem Program. The program aims to provide financial assistance to groups that offer case management services  for Veterans who have been homeless or who are at risk of becoming homeless. Services may include things like home visits, and education about meal planning ,enant responsibilities education, using public transportation, finances, and more.As many as 133 awards will be made  with a a maximum amount of $675,000. Total of all awards available is $30 million. Those eligible include official 501©(3) organizations, government agencies or recognized Tribal Government. Get more details about eligibility and applications on thegrantplantnm website.
**News September 2018**: **News September 2018**:
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