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=====How to Afford Home Repair===== =====How to Afford Home Repair=====
 +**Update May 2018**
 +Are you trying to figure out how to pay for the home repairs and improvements you want — or need — to make? A recent report from the Wall Street Journal talks about a new “photo contractor service” which could help. It doesn’t directly help with financing but it could make it more possible for you to get an accurate estimate for the job you need to do — and that can mean a lot! The company responsible is called “Hover” and both Google (Alphabet) and Home Depot are investors. Hover’s tool helps to provide transparency by generating a three dimensional scale model of the structure and the job to be done. So you get more precise measurements and cost estimates for the job you are considering. That should translate into higher confidence in the proposal you are considering as well as more confidence on the part of your lender if you are using a loan to help pay for the job.
**Update October 2017** **Update October 2017**
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