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===Where to Begin=== ===Where to Begin===
 +**Tips April 2019**
 +Did you know that you can sell stuff on Facebook? And we don’t mean by buying expensive ads. If you’ve joined the “tidying up” craze or if you’re just ready to get rid of some of the unnecessary clutter in your home, Facebooks Garage Sale Groups could be just the thing for you. They make it easy for you to reach an audience. And since people join using their facebook profile, there’s no anonymity involved — you have a pretty good idea whom you’re actually dealing with. You can join a group or you can start your own — just set up a group and choose to make it a sale group. Then people can list items that are for sale, and they can mark them as sold when it’s been purchased. Apparently the best selling items now are things like toys and clothes, electronics and furniture. There are even some cars put up for sale
**New Update 2018** **New Update 2018**
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