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=====I Need A Car===== =====I Need A Car=====
 +**January 2019**
 +**Can you get help from Uber or Lyft?**
 +It’s possible that you could get help from Uber to buy a car. “Uber Exchange” is a program that provides short term leases for cars through Uber’s partner dealerships.It’s recommended that you should only try it if you’re driving at least 40 hours every week and you also want to have use of a personal car. If you can’t get a personal car because of your credit rating this may work for you. But always check other options because they could be cheaper than the Uber Exchange. Also, if you just need the car to work, check with Uber or Lyft, take a look at their deals with Hertz or Enterprise for some pretty low weekly rentals.
**Update May 2018** **Update May 2018**
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