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Holiday joy often goes hand in hand with holiday blues. In our December 2012 issue we provide information on the Independent Foreclosure Review Program and how it might help you if you have been through the foreclosure process; how to find help purchasing a home; and ways you can raise some money quickly if your can't wait for federal aid or grants.


It's election time and whatever the outcome, billions will continue to be available in private and public funds in the form of grants and other types of aid. In the November 2012 issue we feature Help to Repair a Home, the U.S. Government Grant Department (or lack thereof), how to improve our Grant Community, and a terrific system for writing and winning Foundation Grants - fast!


The Election draws near! In the October issue we provide some perspectives on the vote from the standpoint of small businesses. We also review some great resources for business startups and some advice for using grants.gov – the most valuable free and reliable resource available for finding information about government grants.

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Additional 2012 Newsletters


A variety of articles in our September issue covers important information about special (and rewarding!) sweepstakes for students, summer doldrums hitting small businesses in the U.S., and a review of a new article on grants specific to the state of Texas. We also provide how-to information for using the Federal Register to find grants.


The August edition brought news of New Promise for Black-Owned Businesses. It details a surge in groups and programs aimed specifically at encouraging, promoting and assisting these minority enterprises. Check it out both for resources and inspiration! We also review some Resources for Students including FAFSA and Scholarship Information, as well as a reminder about our Write Foundation Grants Fast program.


Our July issue features a new article about Unclaimed Money – the billions the U.S. Government holds in “safe keeping” as it waits to be claimed by its rightful owner(s). That could be you! We show you how to find out for free. We also include a discussion about Health Care Reform and how it may affect you; a Small Business Financing opportunity with a deadline coming up; a reminder about our newly discovered system for winning Foundation Grants fast; and warn about a current phishing scam featuring emails supposedly from the Department of Defense you need to be aware of.


The June Newsletter was a celebration issue which introduced the two winners of our Spring Free Money Sweepstakes. They won $200 and $100 Amazon gift cards which they will both put to good use as they are both college students. We also previewed a new article on Phone Call Scams and how to recognize and avoid them; discussed recent changes to Pell Grant Awards and their potential impact; and introduced Five Days to Foundation Grants.


May's Newsletter featured news about the JOBS Act and the potential of modified Crowdfunding laws. We also responded to frequent inquiries from our Community and introduced a new article about Grants to Pay Bills – which includes some ideas and tips for raising quick cash (safely and legally!). And a Sweepstakes article reminded readers that the deadline for entries was fast approaching.


In our April issue we introduced our Free Money Sweepstakes,; told readers about a deadline approaching for taxpayers to apply for part of the $1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds outstanding from the year 2008, and how to see if some of it might be theirs; reviewed the Domain Discuss section of our website and the helpful reviews it provides to guide you through important federal websites; and provided information about a resource that provides information and support for people who have been laid off and are unemployed.

Recent Updates

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