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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Our early gift to you: a December newsletter full of great information and tips to make the most of the season. Find out about our new article about Personal Grants and see the latest about new grants for schools and teachers, lots of business related updates to help start, run and grow your own business, news about FAFSA and even some news about help for single moms…


November 2016 Free Money News looks toward year's end with great tips and tricks for making your life better and easier! First be sure to change your clocks… then check out our newest article on Free Grants, lots of tips for Veterans,what the candidates plan to do about child care, how you can get help with home repairs and financing home improvements, a couple of very interesting scholarships (free money!) and more…


October 2016’s Free Money Newsletter is loaded with money tips for a scary month. Halloween tidbits, a new article about the Social Security Administration website, finding grants close to home, what happened to that alleged Recovery, money for school, housing and business, and even Genius Grants. Not something you want to miss, check out the October issue now!

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Additional 2016 Newsletters


Summer vacations are a distant memory but we're looking forward to new seasons: Football, Dancing With the Stars (with Ryan Lochte!) and of course, going back to school. The September Free Money Newsletter is full of tips and tricks for finding a way to pay for school — including with real “free money.” FAFSA news, warning about not leaving Pell Grant money on the table, grants for single moms wanting to go back to school, free money being given out in Oakland, CA and more!


Summer's going fast and the August 2016 Free Money Newsletter is here to help you make the most of it. From Pokemon to the Summer Olympics, plus news and highlights about housing, business, money for school and more. Several intriguing (and rewarding) scholarships, help for homebuyers and those needing home repairs, tips for funding a new or existing business, dental care for kids and more…


Happy Summer! We kick it off in the Free Money News July 2016 with a new article about the Veterans Administration website (va.gov) and tips for how to use it. Then off to highlights about getting that great business idea, finding help for childcare, how to find free dental care, grants for research, money for career (or trade) schools, and more…


The June Free Money News edition: NBA Finals, Memorial Day, new articles on Personal Loans (especially unsecured loans…) and our newly released Free Money 2016. Lots of updates too including new benefits for veterans, lots of business grant highlights, new help for people buying a house (or trying to) and more free money tips.


Lots of news and updates in our May Free Money News issue including business highlights (can a great crowdfunding campaign backfire?); lots of home-related tips and resources whether you’re buying, trying to repair, getting kicked out of your apartment, and more; good news about Pell Grants and scholarships for High School Seniors; and some great miscellaneous May money tips about moneycroc (a crock?), free dental care and unclaimed money…


See the April 2016 Free Money Newsletter for March Madness, new tech gadgets, and more! A new report on Grants for Felons; new business grants and loan opportunities; an increase in Pell Grants in both number and dollar amount; $18 million in grants to increase minorities in farming-related studies and in the “professional workplace”, tax help (yikes!) and lots more!


The March Free Money Newsletter announces a new article about grants for churches! It is also chock full of business news: new grants, new funding opportunities, new ideas, great tools! Also get our take on the Academy Awards and lessons learned; find out what's happened to recovery.gov, what you need to know about finding missing money, and more…


In February's Free Money News the run-up to the SuperBowl includes new grants for the S.F. Bay Area – and for everyone a new article all about Grants for Nonprofits. If business is more your area there's also the new Grants to Start a Business. And for everyone there are updates and highlights about home repairs, free dental care, using grants.gov to your advantage, getting free business training, small business grants for women, some perspective on lottery tickets and even a dip in the Shark Tank….


January 2016 is a huge Free Money issue highlighting the newest articles and updates from 2015 and the best Free Money opportunities for 2016. From Business to School to Housing, Low Income Help, Homes and Home Repair and more – January has got it. Check out this wrap-up to start 2016 off right. And Happy New Year!

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