Free Money News August 2016

July began with hype that Nintendo would release its new Pokemon game late in the month. But it took folks by surprise when released July 6. Suddenly everyone was wandering around their neighborhood and beyond, searching to find little monsters.

And we do mean everyone: youngsters and seniors, friends and strangers chatting, exploring places they’ve walked by previously unaware. Crazy — but intriguing for sure. We’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg with Augmented Reality — and it’s cool that this (free!) game gets people up off their couches and out walking and interacting with each other…

Maybe that prepares us for the fun of the Olympic Games, rapidly approaching their opening August 5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Plenty of controversy awaits: the real threat of Zica plus uncertainty as to how ready Rio really is.

Whatever happens, you can always go and try to catch some Pokemon — just beware of scams regarding that game and your own money. Check out August highlights for more:

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August Free Money Highlights

Social Security

Our newest article is all about Social Security: what is it, who has to pay into it, who gets it, when do you get it and how, and more. It can be a confusing topic but it’s definitely an important one. If you’re working you pay into Social Security most of your life so you deserve to understand when you get it back.

This article gives you straightforward explanations about some key issues like when to start taking Social Security, what happens if you work while getting it, how much of your income gets taxed, what are disability benefits and more. Take a look at Social Security and find out what to expect.

Scams: Pokemon Go Malware and Free Money Calls

Given the wild popularity of Pokemon Go it’s not surprising that fake apps have sprung up to take advantage of it. Pokemon malware is malicious, just as its name implies. Several fake Pokemon Go apps and apps that claim to help you play actually install spyware on phone and then collect information or send spam. They’ve been taken down now by Google and none have yet been found in the Apple app store. But beware when downloading new apps. Also beware you get a phone call from someone claiming to be with the U.S. Government Grant Dept. — complete with an “id number”. They say you have been awarded a grant, then request information and money from you in order to receive it. It’s tempting to believe but the government simply does not work this way. Consumer Protection Investigators have documented these calls as one of the top ten complaints regarding calls. And we have received an increase in questions about such calls lately. They simply are not legit and they will separate your from your money rather than sending money to you. Take a look at Free Money Phone Call Scams for the latest news, how to recognize these calls and what to do about them!

Housing Highlights

Buying a home — or hoping to? Be sure you know about all the programs that can help you make that dream come true. Did you know you can get a mortgage that lets you add the cost of upgrades or rehabilitation to the cost the home you want to buy? That means you can finance those expenses as part of your mortgage rather than paying higher interest rates for short term loans. could make the difference to your being able to buy a fixer upper. Check out that and more important tips in the updated article on Home Grants.

If you have the misfortune of getting evicted from your home, take a look at Grants for Housing. Discover an option that could get you some fast resources to help make housing payments.

Business Highlights

Need some new ideas for getting money for a new business? Fund a Startup Business offers a lot of them — plus a recent update about the pros and cons of using credit cards. They can be dangerous if you don’t have plan but very convenient — and even rewarding — if you do it right.

Want to apply for a small business loan? Find out what is one of the most critical things you must do and you can dramatically increase your chances for success! Read our tips in Small Business Loans — especially the recent update about your credit score!

If you’ve never heard of micro financing — or you think it’s probably not for you, be sure to see Microfinancing. You could learn a lot plus discover a microlender that could be a great resource for your business.

Women often find it harder than men to get capital for their businesses. Read Small Business Grants for Women for useful advice plus an update about a great source for information about local and state grants.

Scholarship Highlights

There’s some great news in Scholarship Contests about a fun way to use your talent to win $10,000. If you’ve often thought you could make better greeting cards than what you see in the store, this could be for you!

Speaking of Scholarships, you probably know that some sort of community service is important to have on your resume. But that’s not quite enough — one extra step could make the difference in the success of your application. Find out more in Where to Find Scholarships.

Are you a single mom thinking about going back to school? There’s a scholarship designed to empower you! Take a look at the Education section of Grants for Single Moms.

If music is your talent go to Scholarships for High School Seniors now. There’s an update about a music scholarship worth a lot — and it’s renewable each year you’re at college!

Health-Related Highlights

Enjoy the rest of your summer, it’s going fast. Be sure to celebrate good health and fitness by watching and cheering our athletes in the Summer Olympics beginning early this month. And remember to get up off the couch now and then — maybe go catch some Pokemon!

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