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It’s June: Gateway to Summer! We hope it's a great time for you, with sun and fun and more leisure time with family and friends. June news has already captured the nation’s attention with the recent release of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl by the Taliban. Though a cause of celebration, the release and trade of Taliban bad guys held at Guantanamo are also controversial. While partly political, there are very serious questions to be answered. Even so there is a lesson to be learned from this story:

Bergdahl survived five years in captivity. We cannot imagine that. But he is alive. He is free. He never gave up. Neither did his family or his community. They have been taking action, working toward and praying for his rescue all this time. They have done whatever it takes to win his freedom. You can do that too. If hopelessness holds you captive, this lesson is for you.

Good news: this site is full of information to help you get the benefits you deserve, get money for school, start your own business, find a place to live and more – don’t give up! This month we highlight housing with a new article Grants For Housing; quick summaries of other articles about finding and even buying a house; and Grants In Illinois: a new article about some great opportunities for residents of that state.

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June Free Money Highlights

Illinois State Grant Opportunities

Grants In Illinois is the latest addition to our articles about state-specific grants. Much of it is has to do with housing and the many ways Illinois helps its residents. These include the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and special grants for home owners to repair their homes. The state also provides lots of social services, programs to help pay for school, and grants to encourage businesses. Illinois is a major agricultural state and they provide some grants specific to farming. They also give out Community Grants which are designed to improve community life through the Humanities. Applications are accepted four times a year so check it out soon if you are a resident of Illinois or plan to move there.

Help For Housing Topics

Housing issues rank high on the list for people struggling to get by today. While lots of help is available resources are often too little for the demand. It has never been more critical to understand what help is available, how to find it and where to put your time and energy. Whether you need a decent place with affordable rent or are hoping to buy a house, these articles offer useful facts and advice:

Grants For Housing is our newest resource. It of course covers the better known topics like Public Housing, Subsidized Private Housing, and Section 8 Vouchers. But it also presents less familiar opportunities offered both by the government and by private organizations. Did you think the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s housing-related programs are only for people who live way out in the country? You would be surprised at some rental properties that could be located pretty close to you. And you can easily find them with a point and click map. For more details and other tips for hanging in there and finding a home, check out Grants For Housing now!

Government Grants To Purchase A Home: In many areas home prices have increased as much as 13% over the past year. A shortage of inventory (houses for sale) makes the problem worse. Ever since the housing bubble burst lenders are more demanding about buyer qualifications. Fortunately that may change: the FHA has given some new reassurance to lenders about their credit guidelines. The result is that banks can ease up on credit and down payments requirements. In a new program called HAWK for New Homeowners, new benefits are also available for those who use free housing counseling services. So don’t give up: this could be the time for you to go after that dream of owning your own home. Check out Government Grants To Purchase A Home.

Grants For First Time Home Buyers: Get even more tips about assistance programs to buy a house for the first time. Not all of them come from the government – sometimes non-profits offer financial help with your down payment. You will also find important information about the Mortgage Certificate Tax Credit. Using it can help lower both your initial costs and your monthly payments. Learn how to apply for it and avoid paying for services you don’t need.

Reverse Mortgages: It may sound weird but there is a mortgage that pays you monthly, rather than the other way around! It’s not for everyone. But if you’re 62 or older and own your house - or have enough equity in it - this could be right for you. You still own your home, the bank pays you, and money doesn’t have to be paid back until you move out and/or sell your house. There are advantages and disadvantages so be sure to read this article before you even consider a Reverse Mortgage.

Check out these great tips, never give up, and enjoy your summer!

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