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March has roared in with lots of buzz about the Oscars. But recent, tragic Hollywood-related deaths have unexpectedly stolen some of the limelight. And they remind us to examine our priorities.

Sarah Jones, a member of the Vampire Diaries camera crew, was hit and killed by a train while working on the camera crew of a new Greg Allman movie. The crew had no permission to film on the tracks and may have put budgets or schedules ahead of safety.

Philip Seymour Hoffman – a popular actor and director with talent, money and fame - died of a drug overdose.

As you explore March Free Money Highlights and the rest of this site, remember to keep money in perspective! It definitely solves some problems but it doesn’t guarantee happiness. Our topics for this month include:

  • an intriguing mortgage that pays you (but be careful!);
  • a review of (and serious questions about);
  • an update of our guide to the Federal Register, the most complete listing of federal grants; and
  • a(free) training and job placement program for veterans.
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March Free Money Highlights

Reverse Mortgage Explained

Sounds odd, doesn’t it? This is actually a mortgage that goes in reverse because the bank pays you! It’s intended for people 62 and over who own their home or a high percentage of its equity. You choose a lump sum (often not the wisest choice) or a monthly payment, and the bank pays you. You still own your home, and the money paid to you is essentially a loan against the equity in your home. Eligibility is not based on income, and the loan doesn’t have to be repaid until the home is sold or you move out. But be sure to look before you leap, because there are important warnings you must be aware of to make a good decision. Discover the promises and the pitfalls of the Reverse Mortgage.

Now this one is interesting and kind of like unraveling a mystery. The deeper we dig, the more questions (and possible concerns) we have. It looks like a government site, but is it? Why are the states involved? And how hard are they really trying to give back the billions of dollars they are earning interest on while they “safeguard” it for you…? See what we have learned so far about

The Federal Register: Where The Grants Are

The Federal Register is the government’s site that is updated every day with new listings about rules and projects and most importantly, grants. It is the most complete and current place to search for grants that you or your organization might be able to win. Since it is so complete it is very, very large and can be overwhelming. It has also changed quite a bit since we first reviewed it. So we have updated our Quick Guide To The Federal Register so you can see exactly how to use it to your advantage — screen shots and step by step instructions included!

Veterans: Free Training and Job Placement

The United Association (UA), a union for plumbers and pipefitters, runs a program called Veterans In Piping (VIP). VIP offers training to veterans - and those transitioning out of service in the military - in skills that qualify them for jobs in the private sector. The skills include welding and HVACR, or heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Training takes place on active military bases or at UA facilities nationwide. Once the free training is completed, students are placed in jobs. Job placement is also free. If you are a veteran or will be transitioning out of the service, see if this could be right for you at

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