May 2018 Free Money News

Cheers to May — the lovely month which begins with May Day, a celebration of spring. For some the first of May is celebrated by filling baskets with flowers and/or treats, putting them at people’s doors and running away after ringing the doorbell. For those lucky enough to live in Hawaii the first day of May is “Lei Day” — a time to celebrate the island’s and Native Hawaiians’ culture.

However you might observe these holidays there are more days to celebrate this month! Cinco de Mayo is coming right up on the fifth. In the U.S. this is primarily a celebration of Mexican-American culture — and a fun reason to party. And don’t forget Mothers’ Day! Show Mom some love and check out great tips for celebrating her in our May Grants and Free Money Highlights below.

The month ends on a more somber note with Memorial Day on May 28. It’s a time to remember and honor those who have died while defending our freedom serving in the U.S. military. It’s also an appropriate occasion to honor all veterans. This month our Highlights feature a new article about the improved website for veterans as well as a program offering loan forgiveness to eligible disabled vets! Here’s the latest on money for school, business, personal needs and more:

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May Grants & Free Money Highlights

The long awaited website to help veterans, their families and caregivers find and manage their benefits went live in October 2017 and has been working to bugs and adding improvements based on users’ input. We review it in our most recent new article If you’re a vet you’ll want to check it out right away if you haven’t already. There’s also important news about a program announced by President Trump to forgive disabled vets’ student loan debt.

Grants Celebrating Mom

Here are some great resources your mom (or you) can use to improve your life in so many ways! Whether you’re dealing with children, going to school or going back to school, starting or running your own business, or trying to change the world, these articles feature helpful information, tips and tricks that can help you be successful. Go after them and/or give your mom a great gift and let her know about them:

Grants for Kids is a helpful article for those with kids of any age. From child care needs to creative programs for youngsters, to loans and grants for youth wanting to get into farming and ranching, to other local programs — there’s a lot here that can benefit moms and kids alike.

Grants for Women covers the gamut from resources for starting or growing a business, to standing up for women’s rights at home and abroad, to grants for school and specifically for women heading back to school to start a new career and more. It’s loaded with helpful information for moms.

Small Business Grants for Women, Grants for Women-Owned Business and Business Help for Women are very useful sources of information for moms working to fund, run or grow a business.

Grants for Single Moms and Grants for Widows With Children offer specialized advice and support for women in special (and especially tough) situations. Check them out to see what’s available to help make life easier for these moms.

Grants for Business

In addition to the business related sites noted above, Small Business Loans has had a couple of updates this past month. One notes the recent dramatic drop in small business lending by banks, and the other discusses yet another newcomer to the many, many new options for small businesses to get loans and other funding from players who are not banks. You probably already know and trust the name. Take a look if you have been frustrated by banks and are looking for new funding resources.

Fund a Startup Business reports on a new and creative approach to funding a new business. It involves exchanging current investment for a portion of future earnings…. The jury is out but it could be interesting.

Have you ever checked your own state’s website to look for grants for business? A recent update to Grants in Tennessee discusses a new business grant program aimed at adult and youth entrepreneurs and shows why you should check out grants in your own state!

Grants for School

If you’re connected to a registered educational institution and you have a doctorate degree or are a professional in a discipline related to educational research, a Grants for Research update reports on some grants for that are available for you now – apply soon!

Were you surprised by the financial aid package you were offered after you submitted your FAFSA — but not surprised in a good way? If the funds offered fall short of what you need you have some options in terms of doing something about it. Discover more in our FAFSA update.

Grants for Housing

Have you been tempted by a PACE Grant, perhaps suggested by your contractor? Find out why you should think twice in our latest update to Home Improvement Grants — and get some great ideas about how to pay for the repairs and improvements you need to make.

Are you considering a Reverse Mortgage? There are some new rules you should know about along with all the advantages — and possible disadvantages — of this option. Discover more in Reverse Mortgage and be sure to read our latest update about the new rules.

Check out our latest addition to Home Grants to see what’s happening in the southeast — could make a difference in the future to the amount of low income that becomes available near you.

Grants for Personal Needs

We still need to warn people to be very suspicious of anyone who calls them to say they’ve won a grant. They may sound very genuine and say they are from something like the Government Grant Association or a similar (nonexistent) organization. Find out what to watch for and how to handle it to be sure you don’t get tricked into giving them any money. You’ll never see it again and you’ll never receive a grant you didn’t apply for… Please read our discussion of Free Money Phone Call Scams.

Want to stay current on available benefits and what it takes to qualify for them? Government Benefits fills you in and also tells you how to receive a regular newsletter with updates.

Have you been released from prison after serving your time but you’re having difficulty finding a job? There’s a possibility a new program could help you get some of your conviction records sealed. See recent news in Grants for Felons.

Disability Grants update: See what clothing stores are helping make life easier when it comes to clothing and dressing oneself.

Remember our recent article about Grants for Addicts. Wouldn’t making some improvement there be a great gift for (or from) Mom…?

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