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We regularly update existing articles and add articles about new resources or topics requested by our Community. The Free Money Newsletter Highlights below detail topics of particular interest from each of our monthly newsletters. These topics include everything from recent articles posted to updates about grants and new opportunities.

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For example, you may have missed our March, 2018 discussion about Free Tax Help. Or you may not have seen our new discussion about tips and tricks for finding unclaimed money in your name in any of the states where you or a relative may have lived.

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2019 Free Money Newsletters


The June Newsletter is out! It's full of great tips to help improve your financial situation: Business tips for getting your startup up and running, new options for dealing with the tough housing rental situation, where your student can find some lesser known scholarships and face less competition, some cool grants for farmers, great new grants in New Mexico, news about Basic Income programs and much more!


The May Free Money News is full of some great tips. Get the latest on some great ways to bring some extra cash in your life, get help for addiction, find a way to cure your food insecurity even if you're already getting government benefits, see what's happening with Pell Grants, discover a fun scholarship for high school seniors, find outhow to finally buy that house you've been dreaming of and much more!


Whoa, a big month! No fooling, our April 2019 NewsletterThe latest on March Madness, getting money for college (and not leaving money on the table!), how to get help with your taxes, some amazing grants for game developers as well as filmmakers, educators and more, help for starting and growing your business and lots more!


Wow, so many great tips in the March issue of Free Money News! Find out how you could get paid to take a year off before college, hop on a great opportunity to win a grant for your small business – a real one, that never has to be paid back. See what cities and areas are making the biggest effort to increase the availability of affordable hosing, find out why your taxes might surprise you this more (not in a good way) and lots more…..


Brrrrr, it's cold out there! The shortest month is the coldest in the U.S. today for sure. Read the February 2019 Free Money Newsletter to get some tips on how to survive those super cold temperatures; see how you can please you valentine without spending a fortune, get ready for the super bowl, discover strategies and tactics for starting a business, buying a home, and/or just surviving the Trump era if you don't feel like you've gotten to be a part of this economic boom …


Woohoo and Happy New Year – it's 2019!! Hope you had a great New Year's Eve and are ready to make 2019 your best year yet. There's lots happening – on the football field and elsewhere. Now's the time to take advantage of the tips we offer in our first newsletter of the year, the January 2019 Free Money News. It starts with a new review of Grants for Fire Departments, so important to our safety. And as usual there are lots of updates about getting money for your business or the one you want to start, tips about new grants for teachers, money to help you pay for school, housing advice and so much more…

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