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Free Grants Community is dedicated to providing clear, free and factual information regarding the billions of dollars the government – and other organizations - award each year.

We regularly update existing articles and add articles about new resources or topics requested by our Community. The Free Money Newsletter Highlights below detail topics of particular interest from each of our monthly newsletters. These topics include everything from recent articles posted to updates about grants and new opportunities.

We publish our newsletters on our site. The summaries of each month’s topics below include links to the relevant newsletter – so you don't have to miss a thing.

For example, you may have missed our March, 2018 discussion about Free Tax Help. Or you may not have seen our new discussion about tips and tricks for finding unclaimed money in your name in any of the states where you or a relative may have lived.

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Brrrrr, it's cold out there! The shortest month is the coldest in the U.S. today for sure. Read the February 2019 Free Money Newsletter to get some tips on how to survive those super cold temperatures; see how you can please you valentine without spending a fortune, get ready for the super bowl, discover strategies and tactics for starting a business, buying a home, and/or just surviving the Trump era if you don't feel like you've gotten to be a part of this economic boom …

January Woohoo and Happy New Year – it's 2019!! Hope you had a great New Year's Eve and are ready to make 2019 your best year yet. There's lots happening – on the football field and elsewhere. Now's the time to take advantage of the tips we offer in our first newsletter of the year, the January 2019 Free Money News. It starts with a new review of Grants for Fire Departments, so important to our safety. And as usual there are lots of updates about getting money for your business or the one you want to start, tips about new grants for teachers, money to help you pay for school, housing advice and so much more…



Don't look now but the holidays are upon us! Check out the latest in our December 2018 newsletter for tips to enjoy the season, do more with less expense, get some great ideas and resources for funding or growing your own business, Discover a new scholarship for widows with children and an intriguing new grant for single moms, get some help with critical winter home repairs and more:

November Bye bye Halloween, hello Thanksgiving! The November free Money News is loaded with info you can use to find an affordable rental, pay for needed home repairs or home improvements, get help paying for child care, make the most of your Black Friday shopping, find money to start or grow your business (especially for women and minorities), get special disability accommodations in college, find out if your school might lose its research funding, get benefits you might not know you're eligible for if you're a family member of caregiver of a veteran, find out what's happening with free money phone call scams (they're increasing!) and lots more. Get ready for the holidays!

October Autumn! MLB Baseball winding down, NFL Football firing up, Halloween on the horizon and more. The October issue of Free Money News is a bountiful one! Tips regarding housing, especially for seniors, lots of business updates for help finding funding for new or growing businesses (with extra tips for women) opportunities for grants for kids, an amazing new scholarship and where to find it, how you cold make money watching videos (huh?!), even some tips about how to save on Halloween spending…


September Free Money News is a blockbuster! Loads of new information about getting money for school, starting or growing your business, new grants for things like travel, women entrepreneurs in the arts, fund grants for teachers and kids, a new strategy for buying a house without worries about a downpayment and so much more!


Check out August Free Money News for the latest on some exciting new programs to buy a house with no down payment, tips about how to pay off your student debt early, business opportunities for women, news about scholarships for high school seniors, land grants (yes, some do exist) and lots more….


Woohoo, 4th of July holiday coming up again! Have a great holiday and enjoy the latest Free Money Newsletter July 2018. Get some great tips about getting money to start or grow your business; news about scholarships and other help paying for school; discover some great housing deals whether it's help with your down payment or a zero down payment. Or find out who's willing to pay you to keep your current work-from-home-job but come live in their state…and get some great tips on making some extra money regardless of where you live.


They're at it again! The Cavs meet the Golden State Warriors in the 4th straight NBA Champions match-up. We salute the excellence of these two great teams! Happy watching … Lots more this month too: summer blockbuster movies to look forward to, lots of tips for young people to get summer jobs, finding assistance to pay for college, business opportunities, especially for minority entrepreneurs, help for moms looking for childcare help and for widows going it alone raising kids. Help with rent and with home repairs, finding unclaimed money and so much more!

May: Happy May Day and the start of a new month. May's Free Money News celebrates Moms and Veterans in particular and offers some great ideas for them and others to improve their lives with help from grants and other programs for business, school, housing and personal needs.

April Spring has sprung and so has tax time! Go straight to our April Free Money Newsletter to find out how to get free help! And don't miss our newest article, especially if you live in New Mexico. Get news about what may be expected for Pell Grants this coming academic year, discover some business grants, get great tips if you're a female entrepreneur over 50, catch up on creative ways to get assistance for rent, learn how you might find home repair help close to home, and see what's new for single moms and for help with childcare for infants…

March The March edition of Free Money News is loaded with great tips as we approach Spring, the Oscars, March Madness, and SO MANY resources for money for school, business (existing or new), housing and personal needs. Don't miss it – and good luck with your brackets!

February February may be a short month but the February newsletter is packed with great news and information. Starts with a quick review of our newest article Free Money 2018 and goes on with up to date tips about Money for Business, for School, for Housing and for Personal Needs.


Happy New Year! Get ready to take advantage of a great year ahead (according to the economists!). We help with our Free Money Highlights about our new article Apply For A Grant, updates about a new mortgage that can drastically reduce your Down Payment, some fund Grants for Kids, news about the Federal Register (including some grants), finding free dental care (especially around holidays), and more!


December: The December 2017 Free Money Newsletter winds up the year with a flurry of tips and options for getting more cash in your life this holiday season and beyond. How much can you make with a gig with Uber, Lift, DoorDash and others? What's the latest on unemployment benefits? How about government jobs? Also see some good ideas for funding a business, ensuring that your new business will be successful (with specific info for women), grants for teachers, FAFSA updates and more.

November: The November Free Money issue is loaded with news and tips! Lot to learn about money for business, for personal need, for school, for home and housing, and more. Celebrate Gratitude Month with some great tips on Black Friday shopping, creative ways to fund a business, what women in business need to be aware of, what's the latest on Pell Grants (extra good news here!) and on the possibility of a Universal Basic Income?! And Happy Thanksgiving!

October: October's Free Money issue is loaded with some great information and news about home repairs, paying for home improvements, finding affordable housing and more. Great tips for finding money for your business, winning some cash for school, finding funds for your nonprofit to name a few. Happy Halloween!

September Our September Free Money issue is chock full of news and tips! Say goodbye to summer and learn about exciting opportunities as well as how to get help if you've been affected by Hurricane Harvey. We're loaded with tips for women in business, small business loan opportunities and other help for business folks, help for vets and other tips about housing (including the upcoming deadline for HARP), managing and getting rid of your student debt, buying a home, SSA help for felons, and more!

August: Get a break from the craziness in Washington DC and find out what's going right with the U.S. August Free Money News review our latest article about how and where to find downpayment assistance if you want to buy a house. From there to how to deal with back to school time whether you're a student, parent or teacher (including grants for teachers), more information about housing help, some great small business opportunities and more.

July: From hot dog eating contests to a warning about a nasty new scam, July's Free Money Highlights have you covered! Check out changes to the FAFSA you need to know about, how to use your IRA to get your business started, a grant for your disabled child, small business grants for women, money for school, health tips, grants for seniors, home repair help and so much more!

June: Happy Summer! June’s Free Money News includes some fun entertainment notes (thanks Wonder Woman and the NBA) as well as solid tips and tricks for taking advantage of opportunities for women, choosing the right college major to increase your earning power, finding affordable housing, getting funds for your business, buying your first house or improving the one you’re in, and finding some great grants in your state (especially if you’re in California, Texas, Florida or Illinois!).

May It's almost summer! In our May 2017 Free Money News: the Fyre Festival, summer blockbuster movies, finding a great summer job, important news for students about loans and Pell Grants, how Trump is affecting your finances, good news for veterans, and lots of business funding opportunities!

April Features in the April 2017 Free Money News: March Madness ends but Madness in DC doesn't: healthcare and tax reform are still up in the air. Find out how that could affect your taxes and how and where to get free tax help. More topics covered in this issue: the upside of renting a house, getting home repairs - especially for seniors, surprising info about the FAFSA, attractive scholarships, financial help for starting a business, and more.

March Need some relief from flooding, crazy mixed up events, too many bills and not enough cash? The Falcons blew a huge lead, the Academy announced the wrong winner for Best Picture and now we have to start worrying about taxes! The March 2017 Newsletter will help with all that with news and updates about housing, school, business, help for single moms and more.

February February's Free Money Newsletter looks ahead to the Super Bowl and Academy Awards and giving you a better bet than wagering on those outcomes: lots of opportunity in Unclaimed Money and we share great tips. Also a new article for women entrepreneurs – some super new resources out there. Other good news in the business area include new grant competitions and more. New tips for housing, and an amazing $$$ gift to a major university that will mean more scholarships! Happy Valentine's Day…

January: The January Free Money Newsletter is a blockbuster! We review and summarize our new articles in 2016 – lots of them, with terrific tips for enjoying a more prosperous new year. Then we highlight noteworthy news and updates from all our articles - from free money to starting your own business to getting free dental care for your children and so much more!


December: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Our early gift to you: a December newsletter full of great information and tips to make the most of the season. Find out about our new article about Personal Grants and see the latest about new grants for schools and teachers, lots of business related updates to help start, run and grow your own business, news about FAFSA and even some news about help for single moms…

November: November 2016 Free Money News looks toward year's end with great tips and tricks for making your life better and easier! First be sure to change your clocks… then check out our newest article on Free Grants, lots of tips for Veterans,what the candidates plan to do about child care, how you can get help with home repairs and financing home improvements, a couple of very interesting scholarships (free money!) and more…

October October 2016’s Free Money Newsletter is loaded with money tips for a scary month. Halloween tidbits, a new article about the Social Security Administration website, finding grants close to home, what happened to that alleged Recovery, money for school, housing and business, and even Genius Grants. Not something you want to miss, check out the October issue now!

September Summer vacations are a distant memory but we're looking forward to new seasons: Football, Dancing With the Stars (with Ryan Lochte!) and of course, going back to school. The September Free Money Newsletter is full of tips and tricks for finding a way to pay for school — including with real “free money.” FAFSA news, warning about not leaving Pell Grant money on the table, grants for single moms wanting to go back to school, free money being given out in Oakland, CA and more!

August Summer's going fast and the August 2016 Free Money Newsletter is here to help you make the most of it. From Pokemon to the Summer Olympics, plus news and highlights about housing, business, money for school and more. Several intriguing (and rewarding) scholarships, help for homebuyers and those needing home repairs, tips for funding a new or existing business, dental care for kids and more…

July Happy Summer! We kick it off in the Free Money News July 2016 with a new article about the Veterans Administration website ( and tips for how to use it. Then off to highlights about getting that great business idea, finding help for childcare, how to find free dental care, grants for research, money for career (or trade) schools, and more…

June The June Free Money News edition: NBA Finals, Memorial Day, new articles on Personal Loans (especially unsecured loans…) and our newly released Free Money 2016. Lots of updates too including new benefits for veterans, lots of business grant highlights, new help for people buying a house (or trying to) and more free money tips.

May Lots of news and updates in our May Free Money News issue including business highlights (can a great crowdfunding campaign backfire?); lots of home-related tips and resources whether you’re buying, trying to repair, getting kicked out of your apartment, and more; good news about Pell Grants and scholarships for High School Seniors; and some great miscellaneous May money tips about moneycroc (a crock?), free dental care and unclaimed money…

April See the April 2016 Free Money Newsletter for March Madness, new tech gadgets, and more! A new report on Grants for Felons; new business grants and loan opportunities; an increase in Pell Grants in both number and dollar amount; $18 million in grants to increase minorities in farming-related studies and in the “professional workplace”, tax help (yikes!) and lots more!

March The March Free Money Newsletter announces a new article about grants for churches! It is also chock full of business news: new grants, new funding opportunities, new ideas, great tools! Also get our take on the Academy Awards and lessons learned; find out what's happened to, what you need to know about finding missing money, and more…

February In February's Free Money News the run-up to the SuperBowl includes new grants for the S.F. Bay Area – and for everyone a new article all about Grants for Nonprofits. If business is more your area there's also the new Grants to Start a Business. And for everyone there are updates and highlights about home repairs, free dental care, using to your advantage, getting free business training, small business grants for women, some perspective on lottery tickets and even a dip in the Shark Tank….

January January 2016 is a huge Free Money issue highlighting the newest articles and updates from 2015 and the best Free Money opportunities for 2016. From Business to School to Housing, Low Income Help, Homes and Home Repair and more – January has got it. Check out this wrap-up to start 2016 off right. And Happy New Year!


December Big month coming up: Christmas, New Year's, and yes – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Whether you're filled with joy or feeling more financially strapped than ever, the December 2015 Free Money News has something to help. New information about assistance for childcare and more help for families with kids; a great opportunity for veterans; programs to help you get into a new house; how you can get a low cost computer and internet access; even a way you can get paid to be a caregiver for a family member. Check it out now and make your season bright!

November Wow, the November Free Money News is packed! After a quick look at Cookie and Lucious on Empire, we review an all-star set of recent updates. They're on your favorite topics like business money, home and housing help, and money for school. And they could improve your life in this important month that's all about gratitude. Don't miss a thing, check it out!

October October's newsletter features some big news about changes to the FAFSA and its impact on it and on Pell Grants; tips for finding help to get a car; news about government loans and more (who owns a Tesla?)

September September's Free Money News will set you up for school with a new Pell Grant awards maximum, why you may be losing out on your Pell grant, and a program that helps connect top students with low incomes with top schools in the U.S. that want to give them scholarships. Also: an intriguing goat farm opportunity, money the IRS may be holding for you, and a new article about free money opportunities 2015. Oh and why War Room could be important to you…

August August's newsletter is full of great news: new small business loan money available; a summary of and links to nine important articles about everything related to finding, renting, buying, keeping, repairing, improving getting cash out of your home, and last (and maybe least) an update on Ronda Rousey…

July Happy Fourth of July! Our July Free Money Newsletter celebrates freedom in a big way and you can too. Check out news about Home Improvement Grants, Grants for Seniors, Grants for Veterans and even an exciting initiative that could let you start your new business in a day – yay!

June Tear yourself away from sports on TV for awhile if you want to improve your living situation: buy a house, keep your house no matter how underwater you might be, or make needed repairs to your house – even if you think you can't afford them. We tackle these challenging situations and show you how to find help and get the money you need to turn things around in our June 2015 Free Money Newsletter!

May Good news for Small Business is the focus of the May Free Money News! The Small Business Administration is living up to its promise and that's great news for your business – or your dream of owning one! We also cover some real grants for small business (and what you can learn from them), the (currently) most most favorable cities for black-owned businesses (you could be surprised), and more.


Stressed by the new health care plans? Confused about where you can find medical care even if you can't afford treatment, even with your coverage? The April Free Money Newsletter lays it all out — changes to and a guide to the new site, tips and tricks to help you find free and low cost medical and dental care, and more!


Need help making good things happen in your life and/or your business? Though the government isn't the only place to look for help, it does offer a lot – if you know where to look for it. The March Free Money Newsletter highlights the “lucky seven” government websites that can help you whether you need help getting by, want to start a new business or grow your current one, wonder where all Obama's Recovery money (over $800 billion!) and more, and more!


Housing! We know from reader feedback that this is high on people's minds. Fortunately there is lots of good news to share and we feature it in the February 2015 Free Money News. A new program that requires just 3% down payments; no Loan to Value Limit on who's eligible for HARP (the Home Affordability Refinancing Program); $15,000 down payment assistance offered by a partnership of non-profits and private business, and more!


Happy New Year! We start your year off right in our January 2015 Free Money News. Discover great news about help for Home Repair, getting free money for your education to be ready for an improving job market, great opportunities for starting a new business, and help to get you into your own home.



December 2014's Free Money News brings you our hottest hits of 2014! There is definitely something for everybody here so be sure to check it out. Business grants, creative ways to find money for your new business, Black Business Resources and other minority business news and opportunities, how to pay off student debt, what's the real scoop on Free Money, what's real and what's not about Unclaimed Money, how to find better housing and even buy your own home, money for school – and so much much more!


The November 2014 Free Money Newsletter is filled with great information and resources for small businesses and those who want to start them! Want to find that really good idea that matches your passion with a market opportunity? Find ways to get your business started without spending a lot of money? Find a loan if your startup will cost a fairly large amount? From traditional banks to creative new alternative funding, plus some great ideas for finding and acting on that great idea, it's all here! Small Business Loans and Small Business Ideas are featured along with a review of other business resources on this site that you may have missed…


Minority-Owned Businesses help not only their communities but also the United States economy to thrive. They are some of the fastest growing sectors in the economy and have a significant impact on U.S. exports. Our October Free Money Newsletter focuses on the resources available specifically for minorities to start and grow successful businesses. Included are the resources offered by the Minority Business Development Agency, inspiration and learning for Latinas and for young Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs, black-owned business resources and more.


Back to School: The September Free Money Newsletter focus is on Education. We highlight a new article about Grants for High School Students – it's never too early to start and you're never too late! We also show you new ways to get rid of your student debt – no magic bullets but lots of good opportunities! Also see what's new and available regarding student aid, the FAFSA, Pell Grants (a new maximum $award amount!) and more.


Hey, a Free Money Newsletter about —- free money! The August 2014 Free Money Issue is focused on not only bringing you more information about ways to increase the money in your life, but also to help clear up the confusion about what's real and what's not. Discover the myths and realities about free government money, and lots of non-government sources that can help you on the way to building some income.


Summertime: kids are out of school and that may pose some challenges for single parent families and those with two working parents. Let's face it, doing what's best for your kids can always be a challenge. Our July Free Money Newsletter is all about kids – from our latest article on Grants for Kids to a review of other articles and resources with tips and resources for single moms, widows with children, and more. There's also some news about recently announced small business financing opportunities.


The June 2014 Newsletter is an important edition with a focus on Housing. We've added a new article about Grants For Housing and we summarize other articles and resources to help you find, rent and /or buy a house. Important tips and new information here! We've also added Grants In Illinois to our state-specific articles. Read up and go after that new home…


Our May Free Money Newsletter is filled with great information. We've added a new article about Grants In Florida – and there are some good ones. Recognizing that May 12-16 is National Small Business Week we have provided a quick look at helpful business-related articles on this site; and we've introduced a new article about Grants For Farms – which are also businesses!


The April Free Money Newsletter contains lots of tips and tools you can use. This month we cover topics including: Our take on the Free Money Book by Kevin Trudeau (the good, the bad and the ugly…); some more great information and resources regarding Grants for Small Business; a new article about some great grants available in the state of New York (even in the arts - for individuals! – and in the Humanities); and everyone's favorite topic: Taxes. An important warning here about a new email phishing scam, and where to find free tax help to get your 2013 return done.


The March 2014 Free Money Newsletter is full of information you can use. Take a look and learn more about a mortgage where the bank pays you, an update to our quick guide to the Federal Register (where all the grants are!), some intriguing facts and concerns about and an impressive training and job placement program for veterans.


See our February Newsletter for news about a virtual job fair sponsored by the ACLU for the disabled, a review of Obama's MyRA retirement savings program and another warning about phone call scammers.


Our January 2014 newsletter kicks the new year off with some inspiration and follows it up with a review of our Top Ten Free Money Resource list to help you make 2014 great. Whether you are looking for financial help for your business, your school costs, a purchase of or repairs to a home, or a grant for your organization or some unclaimed money that may be yours, you'll find some help here!



Happy Holidays! Brighten your season with December Free Money News and get some great information about Help For Single Moms; how to find funding for your startup business; how to find out fast if you might qualify for a Pell Grant and minimize your student debt; and the possibility of purchasing a home during the holiday season…


Check out our new review of in our November issue and discover why it may not be for you! Perhaps more importantly, learn what may suit you better if you are looking for a grant. Also get news about Pell Grants for 2013-2014, learn about a benefit increase coming up January 1, and discover our review of


Obamacare and the government shutdown have taken over the news and we highlight them in our October 2013 Free Money News. Learn what's happening and key facts to know as you try to investigate and sign up for a mandatory health care plan. There's also news about resources and events for black business entrepreneurs (and those who market to them).


As summer disappears we're thinking about school of course – and in particular about how to pay for school and/or for your kids' school or college expenses. In our September issue we also highlight some great articles and tips for important events in our lives we want to make happen – like buying your first home or starting your own business. Also check out this issue to learn about our newest information not just about free unclaimed money and how to find it, but also about finding what's yours specifically in California.


A Must Read: in our hot August issue we feature Unclaimed Money — the ultimate source of free money! It's yours to begin with so why not go after it? Read the latest about this topic, discover some new sources to investigate, learn the truth about some major myths that could be holding you back, and find out just how easy it is to find and claim money that is rightfully yours.


In the July issue we are celebrating freedom – and helping you find some more. Check it out for our discussion of the U.S. Government Grant Department (is there one?) and what you need to know about what agencies actually give grants. We also point out the importance of terms and how you can learn your way around sometimes confusing terminology as you look for and apply for grants. We also introduce you to John McGee and share his story and experiences applying for more than 20 grants — and winning millions for his efforts!


Check out our June 2013 newsletter for important tips about our most requested topics! Start with the top ten things you should know about grants and follow it up with important information about finding grants to purchase a home, getting great state grants, and a wealth of grant information for students. Topics include FAFSA, the highly desirable Pell Grant and tips for finding out if you qualify for one.


In our May Newsletter we share some thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombings, reliance on the government, and finding help from the government when we need it to improve our lives. Topics also incude what's new with Pell Grants and whether you can qualify, an interesting new research grant opportunity and what it says about how and where to look for grants, a reminder about finding help to purchase a home and stories from a successful grant seeker.


Our April issue is full of inspiration. Inspired by March Madness and the Eagles of Florida Gulf Coast University, we encourage you to take a shot in many areas: at your business, with the help of the Small Business Administration; at opportunities you might have missed in our previous newsletters; at a new take on Unclaimed Money - what it is and how to get it; at an important tax credit in its final year; at a Foundation Grant with an easy to use system; and at winning a scholarship in an easy-to-enter monthly drawing.


Lots of info in our March 2013 Newsletter. We offer direction on how to find free tax help, review the implications of sequestration and student financial aid, provide a review (and warning) about the website, and recommend a system for writing (and winning) Foundation Grants fast.


Happy Valentines' Month! In February's issue we cover advice for finding trustworthy help for debt relief; some expanded opportunities for business women going after contracts with the government; new options to help entrepreneurs get financing; and information about an important resource for the disabled.


Happy New Year! In our first newsletter of 2013 we present ways to improve your financial situation:

  1. An easier way to pay back your student loans;
  2. Good and bad news for small businesses, plus a crowdfunding update; and
  3. Additional programs that can help your find money for home repairs.



Holiday joy often goes hand in hand with holiday blues. In our December 2012 issue we provide information on the Independent Foreclosure Review Program and how it might help you if you have been through the foreclosure process; how to find help purchasing a home; and ways you can raise some money quickly if your can't wait for federal aid or grants.


It's election time and whatever the outcome, billions will continue to be available in private and public funds in the form of grants and other types of aid. In the November 2012 issue we feature Help to Repair a Home, the U.S. Government Grant Department (or lack thereof), how to improve our Grant Community, and a terrific system for writing and winning Foundation Grants - fast!


The Election draws near! In the October issue we provide some perspectives on the vote from the standpoint of small businesses. We also review some great resources for business startups and some advice for using – the most valuable free and reliable resource available for finding information about government grants.


A variety of articles in our September issue covers important information about special (and rewarding!) sweepstakes for students, summer doldrums hitting small businesses in the U.S., and a review of a new article on grants specific to the state of Texas. We also provide how-to information for using the Federal Register to find grants.


The August edition brought news of New Promise for Black-Owned Businesses. It details a surge in groups and programs aimed specifically at encouraging, promoting and assisting these minority enterprises. Check it out both for resources and inspiration! We also review some Resources for Students including FAFSA and Scholarship Information, as well as a reminder about our Write Foundation Grants Fast program.


Our July issue features a new article about Unclaimed Money – the billions the U.S. Government holds in “safe keeping” as it waits to be claimed by its rightful owner(s). That could be you! We show you how to find out for free. We also include a discussion about Health Care Reform and how it may affect you; a Small Business Financing opportunity with a deadline coming up; a reminder about our newly discovered system for winning Foundation Grants fast; and warn about a current phishing scam featuring emails supposedly from the Department of Defense you need to be aware of.


The June Newsletter was a celebration issue which introduced the two winners of our Spring Free Money Sweepstakes. They won $200 and $100 Amazon gift cards which they will both put to good use as they are both college students. We also previewed a new article on Phone Call Scams and how to recognize and avoid them; discussed recent changes to Pell Grant Awards and their potential impact; and introduced Five Days to Foundation Grants.


May's Newsletter featured news about the JOBS Act and the potential of modified Crowdfunding laws. We also responded to frequent inquiries from our Community and introduced a new article about Grants to Pay Bills – which includes some ideas and tips for raising quick cash (safely and legally!). And a Sweepstakes article reminded readers that the deadline for entries was fast approaching.


In our April issue we introduced our Free Money Sweepstakes,; told readers about a deadline approaching for taxpayers to apply for part of the $1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds outstanding from the year 2008, and how to see if some of it might be theirs; reviewed the Domain Discuss section of our website and the helpful reviews it provides to guide you through important federal websites; and provided information about a resource that provides information and support for people who have been laid off and are unemployed.

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