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===== 2019 Free Money Newsletters ===== ===== 2019 Free Money Newsletters =====
 +OMG it's almost time to say Happy New Year! Our [[newsletters:december_2019_newsletter|final newsletter for 2019]] is brimming with tips for enjoying the season, making the most of your money, bringing more money into your life, sources for getting the cash you need to start your business or pay for school, finding grants for personal needs and more! Check it out now and get a head start preparing for the holiday season!
 +Yikes! The holidays are approaching and the days are getting shorter. Be sure to set your clocks back one hour Sunday November 3! Check out the [[newsletters:november_2019_newsletter|November 2019 Newsletter]] for lots of great news about funding your startup or growing you business, finding a place to live -- even with free land; updates on Pell Grants and more Grants for College; getting financial help for your Personal Needs and more --- even some tips for making the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
 +Hey, time for Halloween -- check out the [[newsletters:october_2019_newsletter|October 2019 Free Money Newsletter]]
 +for some great tips about Halloween spending, an easy way to improve your crowdfunding campaign success, new grants and resources for starting or growing your business, paying for school, buying that home you've been dreaming about and lots more!
 +The [[newsletters:september_2019_newsletter|September Free Money News]] is packed with great information to help you get through this month -- and the year! From some great jobs to football season, clever ways to bring more money into your life and so much more -- check it out!
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