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===== What's New With Pell Grants?  ===== ===== What's New With Pell Grants?  =====
 +**News October 2019**
 +There are some minor changes to the FAFSA for the 2020-2021 calendar year. But pay attention if you you are the child of a parent or guardian who was killed while on duty as a public safety officer. One significant item should be noted by those who qualify for Pell Grants — and it’s a good one. A new addition to the SAR (Student Aid Report) will indicate whether a student is eligible for the Children of Fallen Heroes Scholarship. If they are, they will qualify for the maximum Pell Grant award for that academic year (not yet announced for 2020-2021 (but currently over $6000 for 2019-2020).
**Note August 2018** **Note August 2018**
Correction/update to paragraph below: Correction/update to paragraph below:
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