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=====Protect Yourself from Phone Call Scams===== =====Protect Yourself from Phone Call Scams=====
 +**Important News January 2019**
 +Be extra, extra careful these days with regard to any phone calls you get claiming you have won a grant or some other type of financial reward. The fake telemarketing calls we all get so many of are increasing during this period. That’s because the government furloughs mean you can’t get your name onto the “do not call” list if it’s not already there. And even though that list doesn’t appear to be terribly effective it has at least slowed the onslaught of calls somewhat. Just be sure to listen carefully, follow the tips in this article, and do not believe that someone from the government is contacting you to give you money — it definitely does NOT work that way!
**Alert October 2018** **Alert October 2018**
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