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=====Protect Yourself from Phone Call Scams===== =====Protect Yourself from Phone Call Scams=====
 +**Attention August 2019**
 +Wow, we are seeing more and more scam phone calls! We've warned you about people who call claiming you've won a grant (and sounding very official!). Those are always scams, especially if you haven't applied for a grant or if they want you to provide lots of personal info and you're supposed to send them some money before you can get your alleged grant. Lately though we've seen a couple new ones. One is a very official voice needing to talk with you about your student loans. Supposedly it's terribly important and you're to call back as soon as possible. Thing is, they are just calling random numbers -- they don't really know if you have student loans or not, they just figure so many people do they will eventually hit the jackpot. Anyway, don't call and don't give them ANY personal or financial information. If you do have student loans contact your lender to see if there are any real issues.
 +And lately we've also been seeing calls claiming to be from Apple or Micorsoft letting you know that someone has been hacking into your account and you could lose all y9our credentials and your operating system won't work unless you get in tough with them right away.  Once again, a scam --- but it gets people's attention since you should always be concerned about the security of your computer. If you're nervous about the call, get in touch directly with Apple or Microsoft support, don't trust a phone call out of the blue...
**Important News January 2019** **Important News January 2019**
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