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===== More Scholarship Types ===== ===== More Scholarship Types =====
-**Update February 2018** +Tired of facing tons of competition when you apply for a scholarship? There are some scholarships that are popular because you don’t have to do something like write an essay. That’s nice but it also means that probably lots and lots of other students are going to be signing up for that one. It is possible, though, to find less popular scholarships which may still not be too difficult to try for. For example, some scholarships have relatively small dollar awards — say $500 or $1000 — tend to have fewer applicants than the big ones. But remember: they can add up! And every scholarship you can win will reduce the amount you may need to borrow. And that should be a huge incentive given the tremendous debt burdens many students are carrying these days.
- +
-Frustrated combing through scholarships that don’t really apply to you? There are so many scholarships out there it’s hard to avoid. But Scholly is an app that has you fill our a profile and then it matches you with relevant scholarships. They have a team that works to keep all information up date (like deadlines that can change without notice!) and it provides some coaching about the whole process as well — including sample essays. We have not found any reviews of the app that we really trust so we can’t give it a total thumbs up, but it could be worth a try. Be aware that it does cost $2.99 per month before you jump in.+
**Update September 2017** **Update September 2017**
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