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===== Federal Assistance Programs ===== ===== Federal Assistance Programs =====
 +**News September 2019**
 +Do you feel uncomfortable about trying to find out if you might be able to get Snap benefits (formerly known as Food Stamps? Well they now make it pretty  easy for you to find out if you are in fact eligible to get these benefits without having to go to a Snap office in person. The USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (also known as FNS) offers an online tool where you can get “pre-screened” to see if you qualify. Note that this isn’t an application — if you’re eligible you do have to go and apply in person. To do the you’ll need to provide information like your income, what you pay for rent or for your mortgage, utilities, child care, medical bills, child support payments and any SSI payments you receive. To access the tool go to the official USDA site and search for “Snap Pre-Screening.”
**Update March 2019** **Update March 2019**
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