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While it takes some time and effort, finding the right grants to go after will greatly increase the probability that you will be able to win a grant. The faster you can find the right grant opportunity, the more time you will have to prepare a winning application. Read How To Find Grants below to get pointed in the right direction.

Want to be the first to find out about new government grants? Search the Federal Register like a pro with our quick grant-finding guide. This report has been recently updated to account for changes in the Federal Register website.

Where to find grants? Resources are different if you are a student, business person, reseacher, artist, non-profit organization, etc. And your best source depends on what you're looking for. You can definitely save a lot of time and effort if you know where to begin.

To get a head start, check out our summary at Types of Grants and Where to Find Them. If you want to check out other resources, be sure to see our reviews at domain discuss. Don't forget about seeking help and direction from others! Our Community section is designed for just that – to allow you to put questions out to our Free Grant Community and learn from the experience and the mistakes of others.

How to Find Grants

The best way to find a grant depends on who you are (student, business person, reseacher, artist, non-profit organization, etc.) and what type of grant you are looking for. While it can be confusing, there are many sources of help, including private and federal websites and consultants.

If you are uncertain about any terms and their meanings, check out Important Grant Related Terms. If what you are actually looking for is some assistance with your taxes, see our article on Free Tax Help. And if you are in a tough situation and are looking for some cash fast, check out Grants to Pay Bills.

Check out Grants for Business if you know that is what you are looking for, Pell Grants and Scholarship Information and Where to Find Scholarships if you are a student seeking financial support, and Grants for Research if you are an individual or organization with expertise in a particular field of research.

Your state is also a good resource, and many states award grants in wide range of programs. Texas, California and New York are big in that regard as in everything else – see our state-specific articles on Grants in California, Grants In New York andGrants In Texas to learn more about opportunities for residents of that state.

While you are searching for grants it's very important to remember that grants are not the same as federal assistance. Many people share this misunderstanding. Unfortunately some people take advantage of that offering to find grants for you in return for a fee.

It should not cost you anything to apply for a grant. Grants are awarded by government agencies or private organizations for very specific purposes, most often to other government agencies or non-profit organizations. Learn more about Federal Aid.

Free Grants Community

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