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While it takes some time and effort, finding the right grants to go after will greatly increase the probability that you will be able to win a grant. The faster you can find the right grant opportunity, the more time you will have to prepare a winning application. Read How To Find Grants below to get pointed in the right direction.

Want to be the first to find out about new government grants? Search the Federal Register like a pro with our quick grant-finding guide. This report has been recently updated to account for changes in the Federal Register website.

Where to find grants? Resources vary for students, businesses, reseacher, artist, non-profits, etc. And your best source depends on what you're looking for. You can definitely save a lot of time and effort if you know where to begin.

For a head start see our summary at Types of Grants and Where to Find Them. If you want to check out other resources, be sure to see our reviews at domain discuss. And seek help and direction from others! Our Community section is designed for just that – to let you to ask questions of our Free Grant Community and learn from the experience and the mistakes of others.

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How to Find Grants

Some people get frustrated because they search all over the web looking for a single application they can simply fill out and receive grant money for whatever it is that they need. It definitely is not that simple! You can understand more about grants and where they come from in this article about the U.S. Government Grant Department (no, there isn’t one…). And, discover which types of grants you are likely to be able to get as an individual in Personal Grants.

Naturally the biggest provider of grants and other assistance program is the federal government — to the tune of more than $1 trillion every year. It can be confusing trying to sort it out but we explain a lot in Government Benefits. Find out where all that money goes and what you might be eligible for – including special tips for seniors, veterans and more in Government Benefits. And get a quick course about the most important things to know about grants – it's quick and easy in the Top Ten Things to Know About Grants.

Of course you can use Google to look for grants just like you search for anything else. Just be sure to be specific in your search terms about the type of grant you're looking for or what your organization will dow with the funds (e.g. offer shelter for the homeless, start an after school program etc.). Google can also be a direct source of a grant if you are a nonprofit. If you complete their application and qualify your nonprofit could receive thousands of dollars worth of monthly Adwords advertising courtesy of Google. You could use these ads to look for volunteers, donors, clients or assistance for specific projects.

Update June 2019 It's back to school time folks and you may be struggling to deal with expenses, whether you're a parent or a teacher (or both!). Some useful tips for this time of year can be found in Gants for Kids,Grants for Teachers, and Assistance for Child Care. And if you're looking for a way to get some cash out of your home (without selling it!) go right now and take a look at the new replacement programs for the now defunct HARP program at Assistance for Harp Eligibility.

Update July 2017 Did you know that one of the best places to start looking for grants is right on your own state’s website? States often get block grants and use the funds to provide support to local organizations that help people. And sometimes the state is trying to encourage certain endeavors such as environmnentalism or or providing services to children. Not only is the source of funds close to home but you will probably have less competition than for big grants that are available nationwide. You should also check the website of your own city and/or county for the same reasons. This is particularly true if you are looking for help trying to afford buying your own house. See our article about Down Payment Assistance Programs.

Update March 2017 What will be the impact of the Trump administration on the availability of grants? Some will not change at all, others will. There will be some cutbacks to agencies that are redundant with others and to those which provide awards with questionable benefits. But grants overall will still be plentiful. It just will be more important than ever to understand what they are, where they are, and how best to look for and obtain them — so read on.) The Department of Housing and Urban Development could be particularly hard hit, though the plan indicates that funding for current services could be replaced by non-government sources.)

The best way to find a grant depends on who you are (student, business person, reseacher, artist, non-profit organization, etc.) and what type of grant you are looking for. While it can be confusing, there are many sources of help, including private and federal websites and consultants.

If you are looking for money or help related to your home - whether you own or rent - you can find a great summary of what's available in the article Home Grants. It lists all the relevant resources discussed on this site with links directly to each one.

If you are an ex-offender recently released from prison you will find advice specific to your situation in Grants for Felons.

If you are uncertain about any terms and their meanings, check out Important Grant Related Terms. If what you are actually looking for is some assistance with your taxes, see our article on Free Tax Help. And if you are in a tough situation and are looking for some cash fast, check out Grants to Pay Bills.

Are you disabled – or do you care for someone who is? You can find some great information and resources in Disability Grants.

Parents: Take a look at our resource-rich article about Grants for Kids. Teachers: need extra funds to buy more materials for your classroom? Or help taking some professional development courses this summer? Read our article about grants for teachers to find some extra money.

Check out Grants for Business if you know that is what you are looking for, and Grants to Start a Business for some good financing ideas. See Pell Grants, Scholarship Information and Where to Find Scholarships if you are a student seeking financial support, and Grants for Research if you are an individual or organization with expertise in a particular field of research. And if you are a nonprofit looking for a grant, we've got you covered in Grants for Nonprofits.

If you’re looking for a grant for a new or existing business, don’t bother with foundations. They primarily donate to non-profit organizations. But the government can actually be a good source for certain kinds of businesses. If you’re business focus involves the “public good” (like information technology, environmental innovations, health care and such) you could be eligible. And local governments and your state can also be a source since they like to encourage business activity for the local economy. Check your state and local chambers of commerce for leads. For federal government grants be prepared to show evidence of the good your business is doing or capable of doing — 3rd party research and sources are particularly useful here.

Your state is also a good resource, and many states award grants in wide range of programs. Texas, California, Florida, Illinois and New York are big in that regard as in everything else – see our state-specific articles on Grants in California, Grants In New York, Grants In Florida, Grants in Illinois and Grants In Texas to learn more about opportunities for residents of that state.

Attention Farmers and Would-be Farmers: If you're dreaming of starting a farm or you need some help improving or growing the one you have, go now to our recent article about Grants For Farms to get great advice on finding and getting grants and loans!

Firefighters too!

Yes there are grants – public and private – for fire departments and firefighters. We cover the lates in Grants for Fire Departments.

While you are searching for grants it's very important to remember that grants are not the same as federal assistance. Many people share this misunderstanding. Unfortunately some people take advantage of that offering to find grants for you in return for a fee.

It should not cost you anything to apply for a grant. Grants are awarded by government agencies or private organizations for very specific purposes, most often to other government agencies or non-profit organizations. Learn more about Federal Aid.

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