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=====Free Dental Care Options===== =====Free Dental Care Options=====
 +**News February 2019**
 +On just about any given day there are free dental clinics going on somewhere. For instance, if you search “free dental care news”, depending on where you are, you will see usually see as many as a dozen clinics happening or coming up in or near your local area. Often these clinics focus specifically on children, but there are also many that also provide services for adults in need. For example if you live in or near Girard, Ohio get on the phone and see if you can get a free appointment for your children.  kYou may be too late to get in on today’s offer but you can at least find out when the next free clinic might be. The key is not to give up too easily —- keep searching so you will be up on the latest opportunities.
**Update December 2017** **Update December 2017**
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