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===Can You Avoid the Obamacare Penalty?=== ===Can You Avoid the Obamacare Penalty?===
 +**July 2018 News on the Obamacare Penaly**:
 +So what’s the status of the “individual mandate” originally included in Obamacare? It was never a popular feature (the necessity to buy healthcare or pay an expensive fine…) and in fact it never even worked to force people to buy in — and as more than six million people opted for the penalty. And there were exceptions - like not imposing the penalty on folks living in a county with just one insurer, or folks opposing abortion not being forced to buy a plan that covers it. Next year — 2019 — the individual mandate and associated penalty will be gone. That’s the good news — the bad news is that premiums will probably increase (but hey, when haven’t they?!). And there are still subsidies available that will help lower income families.
**Update July 2017** **Update July 2017**
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