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===== Free Money Available 2017===== ===== Free Money Available 2017=====
 +**Update May 2019**
 +Here's an easy idea: Make it a regular habit to check out recent updates to our articles  like [[i_need_help|I Need Help]], [[low_income_help|Low Income Help]] and [[how_to_make_extra_money|How to Make Extra Money]]. You may get some very helpful surprises. For example, did you know that you can actually make money from the piles of junk mail you get every day? Or that there are some very interesting new and easy ways to sell your clothes and/or other items? And if you’re a student be sure to include [[where_to_find_scholarships|Where to Find Scholarships]] and [[scholarship_contests|Scholarship Contests]]. Our [[newsletters:start|monthly newsletter archive]] also provides great leads for improving your financial situation.
**Money Making Tweets:** **Money Making Tweets:**
Recent Updates

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Healthcare.gov - Healthcare.gov used to be one of our favorite government help sites. It was full of information about finding medical care. It was so useful for those with lower (or no!) incomes. It was easy to find government subsidized medical servi...

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