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=====Gov’t Jobs And How To Find Them===== =====Gov’t Jobs And How To Find Them=====
 +**January 2019**
 +Are you reconsidering your decision to work in a government job, or if you’re looking for work, are you starting to think maybe the government doesn’t look quite so safe as it used to look? Now that we’re into almost a month of no paychecks for 800,000 employees. We’re assured that they will recover that money once the shutdown is over, but that doesn’t help pay current bills. Of course much of the blame (if not all) is being aimed at Trump but what’s new, true or not? Obviously this is not the time to be looking for a job with the government, but you probably should stay closely tuned in when the shutdown is over. There could be lots of jobs suddenly opening up, as well as efforts to improve conditions and morale.
**Update December 2017** **Update December 2017**
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