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=====Gov’t Jobs And How To Find Them===== =====Gov’t Jobs And How To Find Them=====
 +**Update August 2019**
 +Want to get a job with the government? There are some exciting - and dangerous — ones out there these days. If you want to be one of the highest paid federal employees have you checked out requirements for being an air traffic controller? If you are smart,  have nerves of steel, and can cope with potentially long periods of boredom spiked with briefer periods of excitement that will test your knowledge and reflexes this job could be for you….
 +border Patrol agents are also needed … an exciting time to be in that job for sure…though they don’t make as much as air traffic controllers.
 +If a calmer job is more to your liking, there are lots of those. How about being a budget analyst, a medical technician, or a clerical worker sitting at a desk. Or how about working in science or engineering, or becoming an executive at a variety of levels. there’s lots o potential no matter what your skills. Follow the tips in this article to find out how to find the job that could be right for you and apply.
**January 2019** **January 2019**
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