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=====Grants.gov Is Not The Only Answer===== =====Grants.gov Is Not The Only Answer=====
 +**Update July 2019**
 +grants.gov has made significant improvements over the years interns of becoming more user-friendly in terms of searching for grants.  Its ease of use in terms of actually applying for a grant, however, has been brought into question for some. Before looking at ore details it should be noted that the problems some have run in to may be more the fault of the agency or agencies actually offering grants. They add a second layer to the grant application requirements as grants.gov has a set of necessary steps and passwords and such, and the awarding agency has their own on top of that. The potential ensuing complications were brought to our attention when we read an article called “why grants.gov should be abolished” written by a professor at a small college. You may want to search that title and read the article just to be forewarned in case you are considering going through grants.gov to apply for a grant.
**What Grants.gov Is Good For** **What Grants.gov Is Good For**
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