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“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

That quote from hockey great Wayne Gretzky hangs in the office of Andy Enfield, coach of the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. He took this unknown team to 2013's NCAA Sweet 16 in just its second year of qualification.

How did he accomplish that?

He didn't do it with a lot of money to recruit superstars for the team or the staff. He has some history with the NBA and was a star shooter himself in college. He made millions in his business ventures and has a unique combination of smarts along with the ability to lead people. His players clearly respect him and are having fun playing their own brand of basketball.

What does this have to do with finding the money you need to get by, start a business, or help your family?

We hope that this real-life story inspires you to believe that you can do what you set your mind to — with the right information and a whole lot of positive attitude. You are 100% certain to miss only the shot you don't take, so get ready to take that shot! Read our April 2013 Free Money Highlights below, check out the extensive resources available on this site, and go for your dream!

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April Free Money Highlights

Take a shot with your small business: Business training meant a lot to Andy Enfield both on and off the basketball court. It can mean a lot to you too even if you dont' have the time or money to get an MBA – or even a college education. This month we want to remind you of our Domain Discuss section in general and our review of the Small Business Administration website in particular.

This is one of the most trustworthy and useful sites out there and if you have a new or existing business or are considering starting one, it is well worth your attention. When you first hit the site you can choose from areas you need more information about (like starting a business, getting a loan or understanding government contracts) – or you can look for local resources right where you live. The SBA has an impressive network of offices and they offer both in-person and online training and assistance in all areas of starting and running a business. Though they don't make loans directly, they can definitely help you to find the funding you need. In addition they can also help you with assistance if you with disaster assistance if your business was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy or by the drought in the Midwest.

Take a shot at free unclaimed money: Do you think those stories you hear about recovering unclaimed money only happen to other people? Think again! The only people who for sure are not going to find any are those who don't bother to look for it. The government is holding tens of billions of dollars that belong to regular folks, many of whom have no idea it exists. Our latest article on Free Unclaimed Money will help you understand why there could be some out there that belongs to you. The information is free and so is doing a search for your money, so check out that article and get started.

Take a shot at missed opportunities: If you're new to our website or you've missed past issues of our newsletter,there's an easy way to catch up! We maintain an up-to-date summary of all our newsletter topics, complete with a brief description and links to relevant articles. So take a look at it now to be sure you're not missing out on any opportunities to find, create or grow your money.

Take a shot at an important Tax Credit: Yes taxes are upon us again. If you haven't yet filed your taxes be aware that this is your last chance to take advantage of the American Opportunity Tax Credit. It was part of Obama's stimulus bill in 2009 and provided a direct tax credit for qualifying tuition and other college-related expenses of up to $2500, and as much of $1000 of that could be returned to you as a refund. When initially passed it was supposed to expire in 2010 but was later extended through 2012. So be sure to claim this credit for last year if you have college tuition expenses. And take care to meet this year's filing deadline of Monday, April 15.

Take a shot at a Foundation Grant: The government isn't the only source of grants. Lots of private foundations and agencies also make awards for projects and programs that match their vision and goals. While they may be a little to tougher to find than government grants, they may have less competition and not be quite as complicated to apply for. You do have to know what you're doing though to be successful, and no one that we've seen has a better method of teaching you how to find, write and win foundation grants fast. Check out our review of Write Foundation Grants Fast and see if this system looks right for you!

Take a shot at an easy $100 Scholarship Giveaway – that happens monthly at It's easy to enter and still relatively new, so the chances you could win are better than with lots of others. Winners are chosen at random so you don't need a minimum gpa to enter.

Remember, you only miss the opportunities you don't go after. Happy Spring!

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