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Happy April, Happy Spring and Hello to the finale of March Madness! Tune in tonight (April 2) for the final game: Michigan Wolverines vs. Villanova’s Wildcats. Wildcats are strongly favored, as they have been since the beginning of this year’s “Big Dance.” Vegas odds reflect the largest spread since 2010. And there’s a million dollar payout on the line: the owner of the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino has put a $25,000 bet on Michigan to win it all — which would mean a payout of over a million dollars!

If your bracket put you out of the running a while ago don’t despair Everyone’s a winner today: Little Caesars promised free pizza to customers if a #16 seeded team beat a #1 seeded team this year — which happened on March 16! Order your deep dish pepperoni pizza before 1 pm to get in on it! And — baseball season began March 29, the earliest starting date ever. According to the MLB schedule, it will end on September 30. That’s a lot of baseball!

Sadly it’s also tax time once again. The deadline for filing this year is April 17, so you have a couple of extra days to finish. But don't put it off too long! Act now to get free help — read on to find out how. And do it now, the free help lines will get longer as the deadline approaches….

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April Grants & Free Money Highlights

Grants in New Mexico

The federal government isn’t the only public entity that awards grants: states do too! It’s always a good idea to check your own state’s website and see what they have to offer. Grants in New Mexico is our most recent article devoted to grants in a specific state. Other state-specific articles about grants are also available — see Grants in New York, Grants in Illinois, Grants in Texas, Grants in California and Grants in Florida.

Grants for School

Pell Grants are still the best deal in town for low income families with college-bound kids. At the moment it’s not clear exactly what’s in store for the 2018-2019 school year. See our March update to Pell Grants to find out what may happen in terms of maximum awards.

Pell Grants not only help you pay for college, they could help you get the attention of some top schools. A bunch of them are looking to enroll more lower income students, and the Pell Grant is a good tool for finding those students. Discover more in our recent update to Qualify For A Pell Grant.

Stay informed about creative sources for scholarships and new and interesting scholarship opportunities in Where to Find Scholarships.

Grants for Business

Women are starting (successful) businesses in big numbers! If you’re a woman over 50 years old and you’ve been dreaming about starting your own business, this is a great time to do it. And your age can actually work in your favor. See some great info and tips in Business Help for Women.

There’s also important news in Small Business Grants for Women. Check it out to discover a foundation that is specifically helping women and girls, especially if you or your organization is involved in promoting economic justice for women.

Grants for Housing

Looking for a decent — and affordable — place to rent? If you’re an artist or you have particular goods or services to offer you might want to consider a bartering arrangement. They can be tricky but they are possible, and legal if done right. The Wall Street Journal offers some information and advice which we review in Assistance for Rent.

Lots of people are looking for help paying for important home repairs. Sometimes the best place to look for financial assistance is close to home. Check out a Florida example and find out more about how to find help near you in Grants for Home Repair.

If you’ve decided to look for a loan for your home repairs you have lots of choices these days. Peer to peer lending is widely available and could be a quick way to get the money you need. You might also consider a Home Equity Line of Credit (or HELOC), which lets you use (and pay interest on) money when you need it, up to a set maximum. See how rates and other aspects compare in Home Repair Loans.

Grants for Personal Needs

Grants for Single Moms has a new update about a group providing lots of support for women coping with children on their own. It’s a source of some great advice and information — and even gives you the opportunity to express yourself and make yourself heard. Also take a look at some updated options for those who need help with childcare for infants in Assistance for Child Care.

Personal Grants is a recently updated and valuable resource for finding grants for individuals and personal needs. It provides info not only about finding and applying for grants but also about finding other ways to get more money in your life. Grants Online also has a new update about finding interesting grants — including for travel!

Are you, like others, trying to find the “U.S. Government Grant Department”? As we explain in that article, there is no such thing. There is, however, a useful federal source of information about grants and benefits. Find out more in our recent update about USA.gov.

If you’re looking for help buying a car you are not alone. Having your own transportation is so important to being able to find and keep a job, get to school and medical appointments and so much more. Fortunately there are a number of groups and organizations that want to help you. We cover lots of them in Money For A Car and recently added information about a program that includes special help for veterans.

Did you miss the Open Enrollment period for this year? Take a look at our review of healthcare.gov for a discussion of your options. And don’t forget our update last month to Free Grants about the new article about Help for Addiction.

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