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Hey, we survived the election and the New Year is rapidly approaching! It’s always startling how quickly time flies — and how soon after Thanksgiving the Holidays consume our thoughts, our calendars and our budgets.

Did you catch the opening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? It's taken in over $500 million in just two weeks. Impressive. Actually it made us think of our article Types of Grants and Where to Find Them. It won't net you $500 million but it could steer you to resources you’ll find useful…

This is the season to focus on and be grateful for what you DO have in your life. You’re alive, unlike most of the Chapecoense Soccer Team and others in the Colombia plane crash, and unlike Hawaii Five-O star Keo Woolford, dead of a stroke at only 49. Give thanks and think about what you can do for others: it’s amazing what can happen.

If you're stressed because of finances, this is where you want to be. Whether you’re trying to do more for your kids, run, grow or start your own business, get by as a student or a teacher, or just understand what kinds of grants and aid are out there, this issue has something for you. Not the least of which is a whole new article about Personal Grants…

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December Free Money Highlights

Personal Grants

Do you get a little crazy looking for grants only to find that they all seem to be going to states, government agencies, non-profits and others — but not to people like you? That’s understandable since most grants do go to intermediate groups before they reach the people they’re intended to help. But there are in fact grants, federal and state government programs and non-profit offerings that do go to individuals. And they can change your life. Those are the focus of our newest article about Personal Grants. It will help yo find, understand and benefit from grants that offer help for personal needs like free dental care, getting a car, getting urgent help, coping with a low income, finding real free money, and even getting help for those getting out of prison. There are also sections that cover Help for Housing and Your Home, and Help for Students. Take a look at Personal Grants and brighten your New Year

Business-Related Grants

Looking for money to start your business? You can get a lot of great ideas in our review and summary of Entrepreneur Magazine’s “top ten ways to fund a new business.” See it in Fund A Startup Business — and make 2017 the year you become your own boss!

If you want to get in on the new era of the “freelancing economy”, find help at the Minority Business Development Agency. You don’t have to go it completely alone!

Black owned businesses still find it harder than others to get the capital they need for their business. In fact, many no longer even bother to ask for a loan because they’ve been discouraged before. Find out more and see what your options are in our latest update to Grants for Business.

Did you know you can actually sell your invoices in order to raise money and help finance current and future orders? It’s called “factoring.” Discover how it could help you in Small Business Financing Opportunities. Banks aren’t the only place to get the working capital you need to grow.

The Minority Business Development Agency is reaching out to help women entrepreneurs in a new way. The “Grow Her Business Platform” was recently announced and could help you jumpstart your business success. Check out our November News update in Grants for Women-Owned Business.

Looking for a small business loan? It can get confusing! But several lenders have agreed on a standard way to show the actual costs involved in their loans. Discover more in Small Business Loans.

Grants for Kids and Moms

If you work for or with a non-profit that does things for kids, check out the Small Grants Program offered by Kars4Kids (yes, the ones with the irritating radio ads…). They offer grants for anywhere from $500 - $2000 to organizations which share their vision for kids. Discover more in the Other Programs section of Grants for Kids.

Hellp for Single Moms?: During the presidential election campaigns both candidates offered plans for making child care more affordable and helping out single moms. Now that Trump is president-elect, you can check out his views and the plans discussed by his daughter Ivanka in our article about Grants for Single Moms. This is some encouraging news!

School-Related Grants

Have you filled out your FAFSA for the upcoming academic year? They’ve made some big changes — including the fact that you don’t have to wait to January to get your application in! You can also use tap information from an earlier year, no need to hustle to get taxes done early. So get going, some awards are first come, first served! See more about FAFSA.

Teachers! Interested in teaching in a charter school? The Department of Education has recently announced major grants (over $200 million) to start and expand lots of charter schools. These awards are going to eight states, take a look and see if yours is one of them in Grants for Teachers!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Remember, focus on what you have and are grateful for! Use your best judgment when tempted by big sales. Give the gift of time — especially to your kids. And if you’re strapped for cash and need some ideas about how to handle your bills and maybe even get some more money in your life, check out our article about Grants To Pay Bills.

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