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The unexpected, sudden and too early passing of Carrie Fisher has hit everyone hard. It strikes a sadly ironic note for the New Year. Our January 2016 Free Money Newsletter praised the box office success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We applauded feisty Fisher putting media critics in their place. And we celebrated her sharing the entertainment stage with other older women like Aretha Franklin, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren.

Now we say a very fond farewell to Ms. Fisher, known and loved around the world as Princess Leia — and finally as Commander Leia. And, more surprisingly - the very next day - to her mom Debbie Reynolds as well!

These deaths are another reminder that life is fragile and time goes quickly by. Nothing is more important than spending time with those we love and being grateful every day for what we have — even if we would like more.

On a happier note, tennis star Serena Williams and Reddit CEO Alexis Ohanian have announced their engagement — in a Reddit thread of course! The happy couple have arrived in Auckland, New Zealand for the ASB Classic tennis tournament. Let’s hope the happy event brings Serena good luck!

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January Free Money Highlights

We begin 2017 by celebrating the best of 2016’s new articles, updates and news. It may take you a while to see it all! Take your time and home in on your favorite topics. Make a resolution to find and follow up on at least one opportunity. And give thanks you are around to celebrate 2017…

Government Jobs: This is our newest article and it could make all the difference to your new year. The government is the largest employer in the country and you don’t have to be in Washington DC to be a part of it. They’ve made it easy and convenient to search for all types and levels and locations of jobs and apply for them online. Start your new year off right with the possibility of a great new job — take a look now at Government Jobs.

Grants for NonProfits: This review shows the many ways non-profits can raise funds beyond what they receive in donations. This is especially important since in many areas donations have been declining. From opportunities close to home that you might not be aware of to government and foundation grants that are available for non-profits, this info could be just what your organization needs to get the new year off to a great start.

Grants for Churches: Here we extend the non-profit theme with a specific focus on grants and other assistance specifically for churches. There are a number of them, some well known and several that you may not have discovered. We also share news about the Supreme Court’s agreement to consider whether churches should be eligible for the same grants that secular organizations can receive. That would be a very big move since currently churches are specifically excluded from eligibility for many grants. With a new administration perhaps they have a chance for fairer consideration. Stay tuned to Grants for Churches!

Grants to Start a Business: If you’ve been dreaming of being your own boss and starting a business this is a great place to start. We cover changing trends in funding start-ups, government help available, microfinancing opportunities, programs for women and minorities, and more…

Free Money 2016: Our annual Free Money articles are always a favorite! Better yet, many of the opportunities are still good in the following years. Free Money 2016 covers important news about unclaimed money, how homeowners can get cash out of their houses, investing (yes, even if you don’t have a lot of money), government refunds and so much more - even outlet store shopping. And check out the unique experiment that will give some Oakland, CA residents $2000 per month for a year — free and with no strings attached!

Personal Loans: This is such a hot topic since the Feds have been cracking down on lenders who take advantage of those in need. If you’re looking for an unsecured loan — that is, one that isn’t backed by a house or a vehicle — you need to see Personal Loans. There are good loans available and this info will help you make a wise decision.

Grants for Felons: Ex-offenders face a huge challenge when released from prison — and sadly they don’t get a whole lot of official government support. But there are programs to help them. We review them in this article about grants for felons — check it out if you or someone you care about are in this situation.

Social Security: Curious or confused about this topic? Lots of people are! We explain it in simple terms so you can determine what you may get and when, whether you have to pay Social Security taxes, how to be sure the government has the right information about your income and more. We also have a new review about the Social Security Administration website so you can better navigate it and find the information and assistance you need.

Grants for College: You may know a lot about the FAFSA and other government aid — but have you looked any further than that? And are you up on the latest in government support for your education? Get caught up with this review of the many government and private opportunities available to help you get that college degree.

Free Grants and Personal Grants: These are two of our most popular articles because they get right down to the facts important to you as an individual. We clarify the terms that can be confusing, explain what’s available to everyday people (as opposed to organizations or brilliant scientists), help you find basic stuff like help paying for dental care, money for a car, and help with home repair and other personal needs.

Along with new articles we are constantly updating our site with important news in all our articles. To highlight just a few from 2016:

For Business: Learn the top ten ways other entrepreneurs have been successful finding cash to start or grow new businesses in Fund A Startup Business; Women: learn more about crowdfunding and discover a new business platform specifically to promote women’s business in Grants for Women and Small Business Grants for Women. Check out small business grants from $7500 to $25,000 in Grants for Business. And if you want help getting in on the “Gig Economy” take a look at assistance available from the Minority Business Development Agency.

For Housing: There’s new housing help available from HUD (the Department of Housing and Urban Development). We review it in Government Grants to Purchase a Home. See a great example and discover more about Housing Agencies and how they can help you in Grants for Home Repair. And get tips about what to do - and not to - when figuring out how to pay for home improvements in Home Repair Help.

For Paying for College: Lots of news in this area in 2016 - 2017. First, the Pell Grant max goes up to $5920 - see if you’re eligible in Qualify For A Pell Grant. Another are new opportunities for high school students to get Pell Grants for taking some college courses - see how in this article about fafsa on; Lots of changes make it easier to fill out your free application for federal student aid —- learn more in FAFSA.

For Families and Kids: Does your organization provide programs for kids? Take a look at grant opportunities and potential new help for child care in a Trump Administration in Grants for Kids. Discover a dental care program for kids you might not be aware of in Free Dental Care.

Happy New Year!

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