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Happy New Year! We hope that you had a great New Year’s Eve. Mariah Carey “redeemed herself”in Times Square, the ball dropped and now we look forward to NFL Playoffs. Maybe the underdog top-seeded Philadelphia Eagles will pull it off this year — for the first time in 57 years. Hey, miracles happen!

Did you go see Star Wars: The Last Jedi? It topped $1 billion in worldwide revenues. It’s also considered a fitting tribute to Carrie Fisher, whose death we were mourning last January. And 2018 looks like it will continue the trend with more blockbuster movies.

2018 promises lots of good news for everyone. Economists predict positive times ahead,. Today's strong business cycle should continue with full employment, stock market gains and strong business earnings. Maybe even higher wages for all. This could be your year - to start a business, buy a house, go to school, who knows! How can you benefit? Go after it! Stay on top of the latest opportunities with our daily updates, monthly new articles and and of course our Free Money Newsletters, starting with these January 2018 Highlights:

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January Free Money Highlights

Apply For A Grant

One of the most common things our users want to know is how can they apply for a grant! Unfortunately many have been led to believe that there’s a very simple way to just fill out a simple form and receive lots of money — even thousands of dollars. And that simply isn’t true.

It IS true that there are billions (yes, $billions!) of dollars available in the form of grants and other types of financial assistance. They come from federal and state governments as well as from private businesses, non-profits and others. That’s what this website is all about. And in our newest article Apply For A Grant we spell it all out for you whether you are trying to get money for school, start (or grow) a business, buy a house or afford repairs and improvement, get medical help like dental care, help with child care and more. Check out the latest on these resources in Apply For A Grant.

Money for School

You may know all about filling out the FAFSA, qualifying for a Pell Grant, wading through Scholarship Information and all that. But did you know there are also some ways to get money to buy things like school supplies — without having to win a scholarship or fill out a form providing lots of personal information so people can try to sell you something. Take a look at our latest update about fastweb.com and finaid.org to discover their newest section. It can help you conserve your cash and still get the tools and supplies you need for your school work.

Money for Business

Have you visited the Small Business Administration website lately? It has an energetic new look that reflects a renewed appreciation for business and dedication to helping ordinary folks start and succeed in their own businesses. There are lots and lots of resources here and they’ve made it very easy to navigate and find the topics that are of most interest to you.

If your business was affected by Hurricane Harvey you have probably found it hard to get much help from the federal government. Businesses don't qualify for FEMA assistance. There is some help from the SBA but it can be very difficult to qualify. There is a move afoot to try and change al lthat – discover potentially good news in our latest update to Federal Aid.

Money For Kids

Are you a teacher, parent, or nonprofit that works with kids in various ways? If so and if gardening is one of your interests there are some new grants for kids that could mean a lot to you. $3000 in awards for programs related togardening will be given in six different metropolitan areas. The deadline for applications in January 31, 2018 so act now to to get yours in on time. See Grants for Kids for more.

Money for Housing

Is it your dream and/or New Year’s Resolution to finally buy your own home? There are lots of down payment assistance programs available that have been around for a while. Now there is a new player involved offering unique mortgage and that can drastically reduce the amount of money you need to provide up front in order to buy a house. Discover more in Down Payment Assistance.

Money for Personal Needs

Did you know that there are often free clinics put on for short periods to provide services like dental care? They tend to pop up at times you can’t always predict very well, but if you can find one it’s a great deal! They’re popular, of course, so it pays to be one of those who can find out early. Get a lot more information and tips in our article about Free Dental Care. And note in particular our January update that shows you how to take advantage of holidays to find one near you. Lots of holidays coming up in January and February that should increase the number of free or reduced cost clinics being provided, so go see our update in Free Dental Care and get ready to take advantage!

Are you a politics geek who likes to read about government stuff in addition to looking for grants? The Federal Register is the place to learn more than you can even imagine — and there are even some grants available for those who love to do this kind of research in places like the register and in places like presidential libraries. Check out our latest update to A Quick Guide to the Federal Register to find out what’s changing with the new administration (it’s a good thing…).

Women, take note if you are interested in finding a government job. Some are speculating that because of all the sexual harassment publicity and law suits lately, government managers may be more reluctant to hire women for open positions. Hopefully this is not necessarily the case and laws against discrimination based on sex will carry greater weight. So don’t get discouraged without giving it a try — and learn lots more about getting Government Jobs.

With this booming financial environment it could be easier than ever to find good ways to make extra money. You might know about some of them — but not necessarily all. If you missed last month’s newsletter be sure to check out our recent article How To Make Extra Money.

We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!

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