Free Money Newsletter July 2015

Remember Ronda Rousey from our April Newsletter focusing on healthcare? She’s back in the news with a new photo shoot for Sports Illustrated. Obviously still quite healthy, she also made a stunning entrance on Jimmy Kimmel live…

Rousey may be beautiful but her interview was rather ugly — lots of trash talk ahead of her upcoming bout with Bethe Correia at UFC 190. The talk sounded over-the-top cruel but it’s become personal due to a Correia comment about suicide (Rousey lost her father to suicide…).

Regardless of crazy things going on in the world we wish you a Happy 4th of July! We especially celebrate the freedom it represents - including our freedom of speech. Enjoy your celebrations and remember that freedom isn’t free: it takes some effort to protect it.

Sometimes it seems like nothing is free. Especially if you are struggling to get by or trying to stretch your dollars. This month we’ve got lots of ways to help you do that.

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We have several new articles to celebrate! We know they will be important to millions of people as we are focusing on help for seniors, for veterans, and for so many people who are looking for financing for home improvements. And we have some encouraging business news:

Home Improvement Grants: Want to improve your life, increase the value of your home, reduce some taxes and make more profit when and if you sell? Then those home improvement projects you’ve been thinking (dreaming?) about should be in your future! We know, they can be expensive. But with all those benefits they can definitely also be very worthwhile — even profitable!

Best of all, there are programs available that can go along way toward helping you pay for those projects. While some come from the government it’s true that no one is likely to hand you a grant just because you want a new kitchen or hot tub. But there are ways to reduce your costs and get the money you need to go ahead with your plans.

Low cost loans guaranteed by the government are increasing banks’ willingness to make home improvement loans (they like to see your house increase in value too…). The USDA makes repair loans with rates as low as 1% over 20 years for qualifying lenders. They even offer some grants if you are over 62 and live in a rural area. And billions of dollars in grant money are given to non-profits and other agencies each year which then go to families in their local communities. Check out our newest information about Home Improvement Grants.

Grants for Seniors:

Life expectancy continues to increase in the U.S., as does the senior population. Meanwhile senior incomes and buying power declines. Old homes are falling apart and repair funds are scarce. Some have to consider whether to spend their resources on prescriptions or on food.

Our new Grants for Seniors article walks you through programs available for seniors in several areas. These include food and nutrition, housing, utilities, jobs, and even the arts. Find it all at Grants for Seniors.

Grants for Veterans: As we celebrate Independence Day this month we are also reminded of the tremendous sacrifices our military service folks have made throughout the history of the United States. We are grateful! And we have devoted an article to summarizing and explaining some of the many programs and benefits available for our veterans.

In addition to government programs available there are many offered by private organizations. These include assistance with housing and home ownership, employment, business and entrepreneurship (the Veteran Fast Launch Initiative looks particularly intriguing for those wanting to start a new business…), education and even farming. Check out our Veterans Top Tips!

Start-Up in a Day This is a brilliant idea and an initiative jointly launched by the Small Business Administration and the White House. It aims to decrease red tape and speed time-top-market for new businesses. Cities that “sign the pledge” are on board with the plan to create new procedures allowing entrepreneurs to get their business going in one day. Eleven cities have already signed up, and there are some cash competitions to attract more. Check out details about SBA’s Startup in a Day.

Happy Summer and Happy Fourth!

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